:/. Sorry

Can’t believe it has been almost a year since my last post. I just….don’t have the drive to blog anymore. The older oat gets I realize my part of this story is coming to a close and it is about him. I am not comfortable sharing as much.

We are all great- oat is growing like a crazy fool and about to be two.



He is beyond awesome and such a smart cookie. Other than him, life is about the same. Day in day out. HA

No concrete plans for #2. I am scared to be pregnant again, especially with a toddler. Tentatively next spring. IDK. I will know when it is right.

That said- I will probably be inactivating this blog soon. I am going to keep it around- just inactivate it. Or maybe take down Pictures. Not site yet.

Figured I would see if ANYONE WAS LEFT out there. Hahah

<3. I wish I had more voice- but it has seemed to of left me


Hi all. I am still alive.

Anyone out there?

Oat is a year old an his party was awesome. Curious George theme and he loves frosting and cupcakes. LOL

He is cruising, not walking yet. Developmentally right on track. He has a few words- mama, da(dad), ball, bye

He points at everything, tries to whistle, and loves to snuggle. He is such a good boy and I love him so much.

I wish I kept up with this blog better- but it is always on the “to do later” list.

Also- no. We have no plan to try for another anytime soon. LOL. Having another is in our plan- but the idea of another pregnancy makes me feel twitchy.

❤ to all!!!

Boring ol update

Hi! I know I have not been blogging much lately and now I am flooding your inboxes with cloth diaper reviews. Sorry.

Things have been rough the last few days. Oat is teething, AND has mild viral illness with sinus drainage/ cough/ hoarseness/ etc. it has not been pretty around here. The sleepless nights, napping strikes, poor nursing, clingyness, etc sux. We went to the doc yesterday and he was 15.8 pounds!!! Holy crap!!!!

My dear husband works his arse off and is never here. Sigh. I promise to stop complaining in a second- I just miss my family. Sigh.

Oat is Rollin from his back all the way to his side. He almost gets his arm out of the way- so it won’t be long.

I can’t believe soon we shall be starting real food!!!! Where is the time going!!!!?!??

Cloth Dipe- Bum Genius 4.0 Pocket

Today Oat starts the day with a Bum Genius 4.0 Pocket in the Artist series

I love these diapers! I have not ever had one single problem with them. They are a pocket diaper that comes with two microfleece inserts (on that has snaps on it to adjust and one doubler that is thinner.

They are awesome overnight diapers to me! I am not a huge fan of the microfleece for over night- but it works. I generally stuff it with my bamboo inserts from my swaddlebees pockets (2nd picture) that I got off of Baby Steals .

Hummm…in trying to find links to those, I can’t find them anywhere. Maybe they stopped making the swaddlebees pocket? Swaddlebees and Blueberry are the same company, so I linked you to the comparable Blueberry diaper. I have some Blueberry- but the lining is different. Sigh. Those are for another post.

Also- NO, I didn’t pay full price for these! They are awesome and totally worth it, but I got them on the Steals network for like $15. SOO FREAKING WORTH IT! If you aren’t already following them- DO IT!

Okay, so this BG (bum Genius) review has been hijacked by Swaddlebees/blueberry. LOL Sorry. That is my mind lately.


  • Fit wonderfully, high rise to cover everything!
  • Well placed snaps to make it fit smaller babies (I started using them when he was 6# or so and they were big- started fitting the best around 7-8#, but I never had a leak)
  • Stretchy tabs that have the snaps- makes for great fit all the way around the top of the diaper on the belly. (First picture)
  • Stay dry liner that sits on the baby’s skin. Doesn’t feel wet at ALL- my husband freaked the first time he changed one of these. He thought Oat hadn’t peed at all. LOL
  • Quality fabric on the outside know it will last!
  • Awesome snaps!!
  • Cute colors. 🙂
  • Velcro dipes give you a GREAT fit, no worrying about being in between snap sizes (although with the stretchy sides, it isn’t really an issue to me so far)
  • Super fast drying time!!
  • Sun bleach out the poo stains! Like GONE GONE. WOAH!


  • no option for natural inserts (bamboo, hemp, etc.) I really like them for nighttime use.
  • Velcro ones- the laundry tabs don’t hold the hook/loop well when washed with microfiber. (um, and they are all the time) I try to put them in laundry bag to wash separately in the same load.
  • Kinda bulky/ill fitting front when you have to snap the insert all the way down for smallest setting. (3rd picture), but this isn’t really an issue, just thought I’d mention it. Might be something I am doing wrong. LOL

I would give it two thumbs up, but one hand had to hold the camera. 🙂


** I have received nothing for doing these review posts.. No products, no monetary compensation. I am doing this to help my fellow cloth diaper ladies and gents!!!!***

Cloth dipe- swaddlebees

I loooooove using cloth diapers. I have a bajillion in my stash and I try to encourage everyone that is Interested- mostly on twitter!

I had grand plans to do a huge post on all my different Dipes, but that isn’t g to happen. So how a out I start slowly

One dipe he wore today was swaddlebees simplex 2.0 AIO. I initially Didn’t like them, and they still are not my go to. They have PUL so no cover is needed.

Pros: inside is all in one- the insert agitates out in the wash, but is attached for easy restuffing.
I like the cloth on the inside- like “old style” cloth Dipes (prefolds)
Cute prints!!!!
Super absorbent

Cons: side snapping. I am not liking these. Harder to snap for me
The wings/ends of snaps go on the inside- so the pee wicks up onto it.
When they get wet- if they are not tucked in all the way they get clothes wet. Major pet peeve.

How About some pictures? Just realized that all but one picture has Oats face in it. Darn. Will try to get more next time


** I have received nothing for doing these review posts.. No products, no monetary compensation. I am doing this to help my fellow cloth diaper ladies and gents!!!!***


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Hola. Yes. I suck. That is well established here in this Corner of my web. LOL.

Oat just turned FIVE MONTHS!!! I can’t hardly believe it!!!

What is new with me. Currently oat is sick- congested, coughing, low grade temp. Par for the course I am equal parts worried sick(momma Bumpy) And know it isn’t a big deal(RN in me). It sucks.

He is growing like a weed!!!!!! Probably around 15 pounds. NOw!!! (I am typing on my iPhone and I suck at it). He is such a joy. He is really getting control over his hands and grabbing stuff. He loves a “mommy” necklace I got that has child friendly beads on it. He doesn’t like to sit down- loves to stand!! We recently put up a jumper thing in the door and he loves it!!

Can’t believe we soon will be starting real food. HOLD ME!!!!

Plodding along

We are figuring out this whole parenting thing…it is quite the adventure.

Oat is now 4 months old and wow. I HAVE A FOUR MONTH OLD. Seems everyday he grows and is more away of his surroundings. He is such a cutie pie if I do say so myself. 🙂

He is pretty easy to  read still, sleepy cry kinda sounds like “IEIEIEIEIEIE”, and he has started rubbing his eyes. Still hates tummy time, but is doing better.

Cloth diapering is going great- I have taken a ton of pictures and have all th best intentions of doing a blog post. We shall see what happens. I so far SUCK at blogging post baby. It seems that whenever he goes down for a nap I am running around in circles trying to get stuff done! Laundry, return phone calls, upkeep of house, etc. etc.

Welp baby is crying. might as well hit publish.


I am so insanely sorry that I don’t post more. I HATE that I am losing touch, and I am missing out on my catharsis and word vomit.

I don’t understand how all the other new mom’s do it, and have time to write all these posts. I can’t seem to get ANYTHING done all the way.

We are doing good. Oat is 14 weeks old today and is changing every time he goes to sleep. He has turned into a CHUNK!!!!! He was 12#8oz with a cloth diaper on at the doctor last week…I figure he was 12#4oz…since I weighed the dipe before we went. LOL.  He is already caught up with regular FULL TERM babes born on his b’day as far as his weight goes on the growth curve. He is still behind in the length and head…but I am not worried. Dude is an eating machine!

Breast feeding is going well. I just never really get a chance to pump. My deep freezer had a glitch and lost about 30 bottles of NICU milk. blah. I was NOT happy about that, but I Have enough now saved up that I could go out of town, or have an emergency or something.

Cloth diapering is going well also. I haven’t used a disposable in don’t know when. I think the beginning of August. I don’t even have any here in the house that will fit him actually. I have been using coconut oil on his bum with each diaper change and so far no rash either.

He is smiling, little laughs, batting at stuff, cooing and starting to squeal a little. It is amazing. He LOVES to watch Daddy read him a story.

He HATES tummy time still.  I have a video I have got to upload…or maybe not. CPS might come and get me. You would think I was torturing him. He cries as hard during tummy time as he did during his circumcision. Harder actually. He actually cries HARDER with tummy time. I muscle through it, but OMG THE SCREAMING!

I got my hair cut today and put a pink/black feather put in. It looks ridiculous, but apparently it is ‘all the rage’ right now. Plus I made a donation to a local breast cancer foundation for it.

I need to go to bed. 🙂


❤ you all, and thank you for sticking with me. I swear I am not gone forever. I am on the Twitters all the time! 🙂

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Our Days

First of all, thank you all so much for your words of kindness on my last PWP post. I really appreciate it. I won’t go into detail here, since this is not going to PWP. ❤ I love you all.

Today Oat is 11 weeks old! I can hardly believe it. He is such a joy, and every day more and more of his little personality comes out. I will tell you all (all three of you? LOL) about what our day is like. (woo hoooo the excitement)
He doesn’t like to wake up early. He is a GRUMP with a capital G-R-U-M-P if he is woke up from a nap/night time sleep to early. On the flip side of that he goes to sleep pretty easily.

Our mornings are shaping up to start pretty early. He gets up around 5am to eat….and has been going back to a restless sleep until 7am and then eating again and then a DEEEEEEEP sleep from 8 or 9 to 11 or so. WELL, just as I feared he is now not wanting to go back to sleep after his 5am feeding. BLAH. Mamma no likey. He is not a night Oat anymore. I don’t know if I am sad or not, b/c I am still a late to bed kinda gal. It is hard. I am not sleepy at all!!!
A few nights I can force myself into bed and fall sleep after an hour or so…but not so all the time. I am now starting to nap in the afternoon with him. I actually have only napped during the day 2 times since he came home.

Why you ask? Honestly- b/c he is pretty awesome about sleeping at night. Maybe it was the two weeks in the NICU of getting ignored at night? (not really) They DO put the baby down after a feed most of the time b/c they have so much more to do. The bassinet is elevated, so they don’t worry about reflux, and they move onto to the next task. I think he started learning to self soothe himself to sleep there.

He has two big long naps during the day that I use to get stuff done. Sometimes they are a hour sometimes they are three. I just never know!

The reflux is better. He isn’t screaming as much and not seeming to be in as much pain with feeds. He spits up- but it is now regular wet burps and the such. He is obviously gaining weight just fine.

When Daddy gets home from work he will change his clothes (nasty hospital germs), and they spend time together. Sometimes Oat is a little fussy, but for the most part- I think he is just sick of ME! The boys walk out side and talk about their days. Oat likes to be carried facing out, and he is always lifting his head back to look at his daddy. Oat’s hand almost always is on Daddy’s face somewhere. It is so very sweet.
Daddy has been getting the first real consistent smiles also. Little bugger saves them up for his Daddy! Gives me pouts all day long, but gives Daddy the smiles. LOL

He lets us know when he is sleepy- this is a pretty easy kid to read. He gives half hearted ‘wah’s and has seriously sleepy eyes. Bedtime must happen soon. LOL

At night time he gets a bath or a good wipe down (non bath nights), a clean fluffy butt (double stuffed cloth diaper- seriously those things are AWESOME. Zero leaks ever), a good swaddle and then we have bedtime stories. I hold him and Daddy reads the story. We are so blessed to have so many people gift us books!! I also read to him during the day, and part of the story is telling him who gave him the book. We (uh, I) talk about family and friendship and silly stories of that person. I love it. I am remembering stuff about my friends and family I thought I had forgot. I love a good oral history.
Any how- at night Oat will calm down and listens to his father. He studies his Daddy’s face in a way he never does with me. It is wonderful, and I love this family time. I hope Oat learns to love books, and I hope as he gets older we move on to ‘real’ books and read them as a family. (Harry Potter, Wrinkle in Time, etc.)
By this time he is either drowsy or hungry…depending on when he last ate. I try to make sure he has eaten before the story, before he is super sleepy. I don’t like nursing him to sleep- I can see that being a bad habit for bedtime!

If he is drowsy, we just make sure he is snug in his swaddle and put him in his crib! Violia! 8 times out of 10 he will just look around wiggle some and then go to sleep after 5-6 minutes. The other two times he cries and wants his binky back in, or needs to have one more burp beat out of him. I am thrilled with how easy he is going down at bedtime. (PLEASE GOD DON”T LET ME HAVE CURSED MYSELF!)

His long sleep is after he is first put down for the night. It is going longer and longer, with his longest stretch being 7.5 hours after our day at the beach. Mostly it varies b/c 4-5 hours. Then he will get up again in three hours….then wants to eat every three or so hours during the day.

We wake up and do it all over again. 🙂


  • getting in the car seat. He hates this. With all our driving his threshold is about 3.5 hours in the car. Then the screaming starts. sigh.
  • medicine. I have to put his zantac and mylicon and bottle feed that in about 10-15 mL of milk. He slurps it down and has minty fresh breath (for some insane reason the zantac is peppermint flavored)
  • getting woke up early.
  • not getting put in bed when he is sleepy
  • tummy time. OMG THE SCREAMING.
  • getting his nose suctioned with the Nose Freida.
  • Mommy picking a booger out.


  • bedtime stories
  • walking with daddy around the pool in the afternoons/evenings
  • laying on his changing table and staring at the toy hanging above
  • a fresh clean diaper! (WHO WOULDN’T!)
  • bath time!!!!
  • putting his face into our necks when he is sleepy, or putting his cheek on my mouth. So stinking cute.
  • any toy that makes a rattle noise. Brilliant! I always thought rattles were dumb and a gimmick.

Yesterday he gave me a REALLLLLLLLY huge smile after he woke up from his nap. It was big and gummy and melted my heart. 🙂

We are lucky that family was able to come down, and us going up to see my family. Soon we are heading to KY to see Kingman’s extended family and for Oat to meet his Papaw  for the first time! I am sending lots of pictures and videos, so he isn’t a stranger to them!!!


I am very excited, but nervous about the travel. The nurse/mother in me sees flu/RSV/pertussis everywhere. All the cold weather illness have started here and it sucks. I feel better knowing I am breast feeding him, and he has my immunities…but. At least I am taking him out in public more- but I still get royally pissed when some random person touches his hands. PEOPLE! GERMS! I was changing him in the bathroom stall at a restaurant sunday, and I came out of the stall the same time a lady came out of her stall right across the way. I KNOW that stall doesn’t have a sink. She proceeded to say “Oh, what I cute little baby, I didn’t know there was a baby in here! He is so good- and so TIIIIINNNY”…and then proceeded to try and TOUCH Oat’s hands. After she peed….and wiped herself. Gross.

I pivoted away and said “Oh, let me let you get to the sink- sorry I was blocking you”. I wasn’t, but I didn’t know what else to do. I sure as heck wasn’t going to let her touch my baby with her pee pee hands. The other girls waiting for bathroom stalls widened their eyes, and the woman just said “oh, um…thank you”. I promptly left. She was wearing a Ravens jersey. What can I expect?  (JUST KIDDING MY RAVENS FANS! LOL)

Check out my PWP post with pictures that will be coming up in a few minutes…as soon as I upload them…LOL.

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Wha- Who— eh?

I suck. I know I do. How many times have we heard this? LOL


I keep procrastionating writing a post b/c I need to do the other half of my birth story…so then I just don’t write anything b/c the other half of my birth story is looooong..

I am just going to give an update and get back to that when I do. 🙂

Oat is 8 weeks old!! OMG. REALLY? Adjusted age is what- 18 days old?

His last weight was 8#5oz- and that was 10 days ago. I think he is pushing 9.5 pounds now. He holds his head up and looks around a lot. He focuses on our faces and will turn his head towards our voices.

Every night Kingman reads him a bedtime story and then we put him down to sleep. I swear he listens to every word. Even if he is crying he will stop and just stare at Kingman. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact he read to my belly every (most) night when I was pregnant or just b/c he jsut hears me all day long. IDK- but it is precious.

Breast feeding is going well–ish. I think I have overactive let down b/c Oat pulls off a lot and chokes. Also, manyu times he has pulled of and I have a full force spray- hitting him in his face. It is actually funny in a really mean Mommy way. He is thrashing his head around to get away and it is going up his nose, in his eyes, etc. tee hee.  Maybe related- he has reflux. 😦 So bad that his little nose get so congested after he eats and you can see him trying to not throw up. (which he does about once a day)

We are a little happy family and it is fun getting to know this little miracle.

OH- few things I have learned…

1.keep burp cloths (prefold diapers) in every room. At all times. Keep them on had at ALL places you sit regularly.

2. Binkies can make a kid throw up.

3. Cloth diapering is really not that hard.

4. A preemie 4# kid can fart as loud as his dad. Thankfully not as stinky.

5. Nothing is more terrifying than that first night at home.

Birth Story

I hope that I get this done  before my child is a year old. LOL. At the rate I am going I will not get it done.

Lets just go do a day by day break down by the day of the week.


Shower in local town hosted by my friend. I felt like a.s.s. To be honest I really didn’t want to go. I wanted to sit on the recliner and just be. I didn’t care if I got another thing for Oat. I figured I could have a naked baby with no toys…and an undecorated room for that matter..and I was OKAY with that…as long as I was able to just lay around.  Let me back up. I don’t remember what all I have blogged about, but I had high blood pressure PRIOR to pregnancy.  After I got pregnant my readings were all wonderful. Actually the best I have ever really consistently had.  I wish I had written it down, but my numbers started creeping up. It was around four weeks or so prior to delivery. The readings were elevated at home, and at the MFM (high risk doctors) office, but never at my OBs. Honestly-I think the tech didn’t know how to take pressures. She put the  stethoscope halfway down my forearm. I have faint pulses, so I know she couldn’t hear it…ie she made up the reading of 122/78

Anyhoo- I was doing the normal “Nurse Treat Thyself” and checking everything at home. I have urine dippers to check for protein, b p readings etc. The only issue is that my manual cuff all the sudden quit fitting! (HELLO??! That should have been a clue), so I was using a wrist cuff. The numbers had been great until the weekend of the shower. That AM I was getting insane readings. 200/113..where the day before they had been 135/88.

So I did what all normal people do. I ordered more cuffs off of amazon. LOL. Anyways. By the time saturday rolled around I realized that I really was having issues and needed to rest. My b/p would be awesome when laying down- they as soon as I got up, did ANYTHING then laid back down my bp would go up by around 30-40 points. Not cool.

So Saturday we had the shower- I was HUGE. So swollen everywhere. I had ONE dress I could wear, and two pairs of shoes. No underwear fit all the sudden without a lot of pinchy pain. Everything hurt. My arms, my hands, my head, my back. I had carpal tunnel in both hands and my right ELBOW felt like it had been crushed. I had trigger fingers in my 3rd&4th fingers on both hands.

So, to the shower I go. ugh. I honestly can say I don’t remember much of it. I was so out of it. I don’t know why physiologically, but i just don’t.


Ass. I felt like ass. I didn’t sleep all night. I was on the recliner for the last 1.5-2 months and I couldn’t get comfortable. I had an ice pack on my elbow, tried wrist splints, even took a percocet. You name it, it hurt.  My blood pressure was up (I don’t remember what- 200/100?) and I had 3+ protein in my urine.

To L&D triage I went. yeah. When we got there they retested my urine- the dipstick was 2+ done by the nurse, but the labs official result was negative…but to be honest I have it on good authority they suck. I don’t trust them. I had not realized it until then, but I my urine output had decreased and my pee was dark- but I was drinking like a fish. My b/p was up (170s/100s) when we got there, but after a bunch water to get a better urine it came down some.  My PIH labwork showed a slightly elevated uric acid, but other than that okay. The MFM (Dr. #(*#&) was on call and he sent us home, but to recheck the next day.


I felt like ass. Beat up ass. At recheck my b/p was 150/100 at first, then 190/110. The MFM gave us the option of doing a 24 hour urine at home and recheck b/p daily in the office, get two doses of steroids in case anything happened, monitor bp  at home and adding repeat PIH bloodwork, etc. or going into the hospital. He was hesitant to admit us b/c he was going out of town and knew that another doc would induce us…but he has the experience to manage PIH with meds, etc. We talked about it and decided that we would go ahead and b e admitted to be closely watched and for the fact also that he was going out of town and WOULDN”T be able to manage us outpatient. Plus we just felt better that way. He was fine with it…so on our way to the hospital we went.

The rest of that day was more of the same. Feeling like ass and watching the trial…and tweeting. A lot. I had books, my laptop, but I didn’t feel like doing much else other than lay there, tweet and watch TV. My bp stayed up and they added labetolol.  That night after the first dose of steroids I thought I was going crazy. So worn out, tired, but jittery. I got a 5 of ambien, but it didn’t touch me.


More of the same. Sitting around wondering why in the world they kept saying I would go home THURSDAY if I was getting my final steriod dose that day, and finishing up with the 24 hour urine that night. I tweeted. I watched TV. I ate. That is about it honestly.

That night was the second steroid shot and it was brutal. I was so jumpy/jittery/anxious…I ended up BEGGING for a 10 of ambien around 2am. I couldn’t take it. I finally got a few hours sleep- only to be woken up by the freaking LAB TECH drawing blood. Blah.


Morning rolled around and did I mention I FEEEEEL LIKE ASSSS??? I was s.t.a.r.v.i.n.g. because some masochist in dietary thinks a pregnant person doesn’t get hungry between 5pm and 8am. Seriously. Dinner is at 5pm and NOTHING until 8am the next day!! UGH. My meal try came in and was looking so very yummy. I had taken a drink of coffee and was prepping the rest…and the doctor walked in. As soon as I saw her face I pushed my tray away- I knew it wasn’t good news…….

phew. I will break this up and spare you all….and leave you wanting (as Paul Harvy said) THE REST OF THE STORY.

Month 1

Omg. I never have time to blog. I am on twitter a good bit. It is less overwhelming 140 characters at a time.

Oat is awesome. Up to 6#12oz from 4#15.4oz.  Did I even post That?  I went ahead posted my last draft because well, why not?

My sister has been down since July 23 and leaves the 11th. It has been crazy busy. We are at a local beach for vacation. Mom is here and is my brother. Lots of fun.

He is breasfeeding well, has zero nipple confusion (plus side of the NICU), so I have some freedom. Kingman takes one feed a night…and the third or so day home he took the night! ! Well 11pm to 530am. It was glorious bc I was alone during the day bc hubs couldn’t be off work. 😦

Anyhoo. Gotta run. Baby calling.

What is that sound?

Holy crap it is a baby in my living room. Our baby in our living room? OMG.

I have so much posting to catch up on…um, including but not limited to…

  1. The justification that I wasn’t just lazy the last part of my pregnancy
  2. Preeclampsia makes you feel really really really really really shitty
  3. Steroids make you feel shittier
  4. Insomnia sucks…people saying “you better get sleep now b/c soon you won’t be able to” SUCK EVEN MORE.
  5. Listen to your gut when you think something is just not right.
  6. Admission on a monday…delivery on a Wednesday. Everyone thougth I would go home Thursday still preggers.
  7. Sucks when you get your breakfast and you’re starving, ur ob walks in the room and you can tell by her face that you’re having a baby today.

    Trying to finish this post on my phone with a voice to text so bare with me.

    I got my epidoral started at 1140. It initially was num but then I really felt everything after the catheter Was put in. Serious serious pain they tried to take out my stitches but I felt every single touch.
    I got a boost of medicine and I got the stitches out at 1214. They broke my water at 1216, Then and then started my fico stand.( hahaha That is supposed to be pitocin).
    After a while the beast (boost) of medicine I got wore off an I feel every little bit catheter bulb was horrible horrible pain.
    Apparently she couldn’t get the catheter threaded into my bladder so the bold versus(bulb was) right at the neck of a bladder.

    I was literally begging by grills( banging the side rails) saying something is not right.
    Anesthesiology came and gave me another base(boost) but that wore off. turned out I had a key at the girl(hahaha- kink in the tube) in the pump housing.

    1 they got that straight the rest of my labor was easy peasy as you all know when I was live tweeting my centimeters.

    The pushing was actually not too hard. my as a girl (my epidural) didn’t make me crazy crazy numb I can still feel pressure sensations. I started pushing at around 1020 then he was born in 1058 pm it was pretty impressive.


I started post when I was in the hospital 2 days before oat was born. I just don’t have it in me to finish but I thought I would go ahead and post it anyways


Ah….how little did I know when I renamed this blog 1.5 years ago that it was really going to SUCH a bumpy journey. I was previously on blogger with the name “Baby Making Journey”. I decided to switch over so that I could PWP certain posts, and so that I would not accidentally post on my IRL/Family blog. I needed some

Day 1 non secret

I made the other one secret bc it has the picture.

Oat was born at 1058 last night
I was induced for preeclampsia.

HE was 4#15.4oz and 19 inches long. I was 34w3d….he has strawberry blonde hair.

I am on strict bedrest and on magnesium so I haven’t seen him since birth. 

Thank you for all the love!!!!

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