:/. Sorry

Can’t believe it has been almost a year since my last post. I just….don’t have the drive to blog anymore. The older oat gets I realize my part of this story is coming to a close and it is about him. I am not comfortable sharing as much.

We are all great- oat is growing like a crazy fool and about to be two.



He is beyond awesome and such a smart cookie. Other than him, life is about the same. Day in day out. HA

No concrete plans for #2. I am scared to be pregnant again, especially with a toddler. Tentatively next spring. IDK. I will know when it is right.

That said- I will probably be inactivating this blog soon. I am going to keep it around- just inactivate it. Or maybe take down Pictures. Not site yet.

Figured I would see if ANYONE WAS LEFT out there. Hahah

<3. I wish I had more voice- but it has seemed to of left me


Hi all. I am still alive.

Anyone out there?

Oat is a year old an his party was awesome. Curious George theme and he loves frosting and cupcakes. LOL

He is cruising, not walking yet. Developmentally right on track. He has a few words- mama, da(dad), ball, bye

He points at everything, tries to whistle, and loves to snuggle. He is such a good boy and I love him so much.

I wish I kept up with this blog better- but it is always on the “to do later” list.

Also- no. We have no plan to try for another anytime soon. LOL. Having another is in our plan- but the idea of another pregnancy makes me feel twitchy.

❤ to all!!!

Boring ol update

Hi! I know I have not been blogging much lately and now I am flooding your inboxes with cloth diaper reviews. Sorry.

Things have been rough the last few days. Oat is teething, AND has mild viral illness with sinus drainage/ cough/ hoarseness/ etc. it has not been pretty around here. The sleepless nights, napping strikes, poor nursing, clingyness, etc sux. We went to the doc yesterday and he was 15.8 pounds!!! Holy crap!!!!

My dear husband works his arse off and is never here. Sigh. I promise to stop complaining in a second- I just miss my family. Sigh.

Oat is Rollin from his back all the way to his side. He almost gets his arm out of the way- so it won’t be long.

I can’t believe soon we shall be starting real food!!!! Where is the time going!!!!?!??

Cloth Dipe- Bum Genius 4.0 Pocket

Today Oat starts the day with a Bum Genius 4.0 Pocket in the Artist series

I love these diapers! I have not ever had one single problem with them. They are a pocket diaper that comes with two microfleece inserts (on that has snaps on it to adjust and one doubler that is thinner.

They are awesome overnight diapers to me! I am not a huge fan of the microfleece for over night- but it works. I generally stuff it with my bamboo inserts from my swaddlebees pockets (2nd picture) that I got off of Baby Steals .

Hummm…in trying to find links to those, I can’t find them anywhere. Maybe they stopped making the swaddlebees pocket? Swaddlebees and Blueberry are the same company, so I linked you to the comparable Blueberry diaper. I have some Blueberry- but the lining is different. Sigh. Those are for another post.

Also- NO, I didn’t pay full price for these! They are awesome and totally worth it, but I got them on the Steals network for like $15. SOO FREAKING WORTH IT! If you aren’t already following them- DO IT!

Okay, so this BG (bum Genius) review has been hijacked by Swaddlebees/blueberry. LOL Sorry. That is my mind lately.


  • Fit wonderfully, high rise to cover everything!
  • Well placed snaps to make it fit smaller babies (I started using them when he was 6# or so and they were big- started fitting the best around 7-8#, but I never had a leak)
  • Stretchy tabs that have the snaps- makes for great fit all the way around the top of the diaper on the belly. (First picture)
  • Stay dry liner that sits on the baby’s skin. Doesn’t feel wet at ALL- my husband freaked the first time he changed one of these. He thought Oat hadn’t peed at all. LOL
  • Quality fabric on the outside know it will last!
  • Awesome snaps!!
  • Cute colors. 🙂
  • Velcro dipes give you a GREAT fit, no worrying about being in between snap sizes (although with the stretchy sides, it isn’t really an issue to me so far)
  • Super fast drying time!!
  • Sun bleach out the poo stains! Like GONE GONE. WOAH!


  • no option for natural inserts (bamboo, hemp, etc.) I really like them for nighttime use.
  • Velcro ones- the laundry tabs don’t hold the hook/loop well when washed with microfiber. (um, and they are all the time) I try to put them in laundry bag to wash separately in the same load.
  • Kinda bulky/ill fitting front when you have to snap the insert all the way down for smallest setting. (3rd picture), but this isn’t really an issue, just thought I’d mention it. Might be something I am doing wrong. LOL

I would give it two thumbs up, but one hand had to hold the camera. 🙂


** I have received nothing for doing these review posts.. No products, no monetary compensation. I am doing this to help my fellow cloth diaper ladies and gents!!!!***

Cloth dipe- swaddlebees

I loooooove using cloth diapers. I have a bajillion in my stash and I try to encourage everyone that is Interested- mostly on twitter!

I had grand plans to do a huge post on all my different Dipes, but that isn’t g to happen. So how a out I start slowly

One dipe he wore today was swaddlebees simplex 2.0 AIO. I initially Didn’t like them, and they still are not my go to. They have PUL so no cover is needed.

Pros: inside is all in one- the insert agitates out in the wash, but is attached for easy restuffing.
I like the cloth on the inside- like “old style” cloth Dipes (prefolds)
Cute prints!!!!
Super absorbent

Cons: side snapping. I am not liking these. Harder to snap for me
The wings/ends of snaps go on the inside- so the pee wicks up onto it.
When they get wet- if they are not tucked in all the way they get clothes wet. Major pet peeve.

How About some pictures? Just realized that all but one picture has Oats face in it. Darn. Will try to get more next time


** I have received nothing for doing these review posts.. No products, no monetary compensation. I am doing this to help my fellow cloth diaper ladies and gents!!!!***


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Hola. Yes. I suck. That is well established here in this Corner of my web. LOL.

Oat just turned FIVE MONTHS!!! I can’t hardly believe it!!!

What is new with me. Currently oat is sick- congested, coughing, low grade temp. Par for the course I am equal parts worried sick(momma Bumpy) And know it isn’t a big deal(RN in me). It sucks.

He is growing like a weed!!!!!! Probably around 15 pounds. NOw!!! (I am typing on my iPhone and I suck at it). He is such a joy. He is really getting control over his hands and grabbing stuff. He loves a “mommy” necklace I got that has child friendly beads on it. He doesn’t like to sit down- loves to stand!! We recently put up a jumper thing in the door and he loves it!!

Can’t believe we soon will be starting real food. HOLD ME!!!!