Date Night

Tonight we are going out on a date. Have not totally decided what we are going see yet. There is a theater near us that shows movies and food at the same time. We have not gone yet b/c of, well, just life. It is pretty cool- they serve full meals, alcohol, everything. (kinda cool, huh?) The choices are Gran Torino or Bedtime Stories. Don’t know yet-it will be up to K.

Since we have our appointment tomorrow we wanted to do something for us. Tomorrow night my husband has to work so we can’t go out. I think this will be good for us.

Things are good here. I got our closet cleaned out and organized-that is wonderful! I now know what I have to wear. Although, not that I really wear much else other than work clothes, workout clothes, and jeans. 😉 I do love my comfort.

I had a staff meeting this morning at 7am (crack ‘o dawn), and it was hard. Hard b/c there is a gal I work with that is PG, and her whole 1st trimester she was pissed off. At one point she said “I have to keep it, my husband already found out”. She is 6 months now- she is less vocal about it. She doesn’t EVER talk about the baby, her pregnancy-ANYTHING. If anyone asks how she is doing, she just says “Pregnant” Literally- she gives ONE word answers…as she is walking away.

Breaks my heart- for me, and for that precious baby. THEN- one of my co-workers(lets call her SuziQ) turned to me (in front of everyone) and said “Laura, you need to be next!! If you wait to long you might not be able to have one!!” Obviously I don’t share with everyone..but there are a few at work that know my struggles. The ones that knew took a collective breath. God bless them for keeping my secrets private though. One of my good friends said “She has only been married a little over a year! She needs to WAIT!” another one said “Could you imagine a baby with how tough K’s schedule is?” and a third said “SuziQ– you so CRAZY! She has it made- you know how much she loves to travel!”

Lukily SuziQ didn’t say anything else, and none of my friends gave anything away. I didn’t have to respond b/c I had a few to respond for me. I didn’t get a chance to tear up, stutter, or stumble over words and give myself away.

Don’t get me wrong- I don’t think IF is a shameful thing. I just know who I can trust with my info., and who I don’t want everyone on a baby bump watch.

Later one of my friends came up to me and gave me a hug. (She is in her late 40s and had IVF 10 years ago) I thanked her for coming to my rescue. She just chucked my chin and told me to keep my head held high- they were rooting for me. 🙂

That was an ugly situation turned good. FINALLY! 😉

Looking forward to tonight…and tomorrow!


3 responses to “Date Night

  1. I hope you have fun on your date definitely sounds like an awesome place. Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog and for reading along. In answer to your questions off my picture was in the paper years ago ( I was in 8th grade) and won a poetry contest for the county. It was very cool…I got an award!!! LOL And, a year or two ago I took my mother to a John Edwards show (the psychic/medium) and I got her into the book signing before the show where you could talk to him for a few minutes. It was pretty cool. My mom cried like a baby she was so excited!

  2. itsazooaroundhere

    Have a great time tonight! Sounds like a really cool movie theater (I would probably pick Gran Torino, but I haven’t seen either). It is so important to make time for date nights when dealing with all this. I’m glad you had some good friends help with the work situation. For two years I didn’t tell any co-workers, but finally had to break down when I got a bad review for being too tightly wound and unpleasant (all due to the IF). Once I told a few key people, they would SAVE me from those situations. Something as simple as a hug after a friend brings in the baby to show off, it means so much. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. I hope the date went well!I’m glad that you had supporters at work who stood up for you.

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