I am not writing to inform of our lab results, or next tests. I got a call at 830am to confirm our RE appointment. Then I got in the shower to have my husband frantically calling me telling me to call the RE office- they called him and needed to talk to me. Something about cancelling the appointment.


I call back thinking he misunderstood, since I had already confirmed it. Nope. I talked to the nurse- Nurse S. Apparently I had talked to the receptionist earlier and she didn’t know what was going on. The lab my husbands b/w got sent to has a backlog. When the nurse was getting everything together this AM she noticed she didn’t have all the b/w back- called them to find out they are TWO WEEKS BEHIND!!!

I work in the medical field, so I understand back log. BUT COME ON!!! He got the blood drawn on Jan. 9th. The appointment was cancelled- no point in going in if we are just going to stare at the RE and be told he can’t plan our care until he has ALL the results. Blah.

We now go back on February 13th.As in Friday the 13th. The day before Valentine’s Day. It is either going to SUCK or be great!! šŸ˜‰ DH was worried that the delay in test results meant that more extensive testing needed to be done b/c something was wrong. Nurse S assured me that EVERYONE’S tests are getting delays right now.

I guess the beginning of the year brings New Years Resolutions to get knocked up too.

This waiting part sucks. I was naive when we first started this. We had our first appt. early Nov. I had a great cycle of b/w, ultrasound, etc. I really thought that my DH’s SA would be fine and we would do an IUI late December. WAAA HA HA HA HA. Silly lady!

NO! First we have to wait for holidays. THEN we get to wait OVER a month to get tests back that should have taken no more than two weeks. Then we get whatever is ordered next…around my DHs schedule.

When this all started I naively thought I would be telling my DH I was pregnant for Christmas. HA HA. Then I thought, well- it will be a sweet Valentine’s Day present. At this rate it WILL be a Christmas surprise. UGH.

Hurry up and wait. I was so frustrated I couldn’t even cry.

What REALLY PISSED ME OFF- was the fact that I got a BILL from the lab today. Uh, you have already processed it and have had time to cycle through and BILL ME?!?!? But you have not finished the damn test yet? BC/BS has even had time to get the claim sent in, and send me a statement. I have to pay for b/w before I even have the results?

Am I just a little to touchy on this or what? Ugh.

So, I am going to have me a glass of wine. Doesn’t look like my uterus is going to be home this century-it will have plenty of time to dry out later. šŸ˜‰

Thanks for the vent.


5 responses to “UGH!

  1. Just so you know… I find Friday the 13th to always be a very very lucky good day for me. So I hope it is the same for you!

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry that you have to continue to wait. You will see that unfortunately along our journey there is alot of waiting. It sucks–big time! My mother swears that a higher power is trying to teach (well guide me) to have more patience with this process. I hate it!!! It will come soon enough..just hang in there and just like you already did, when it seems too much there is always WINE!! :0)

  3. Thank you for leaving a comment. It was hysterical by the way. Thank you for making me laugh. It is sooo true though, you never know what is going on behind close doors. How are you doing? Are you hanging in there?

  4. Hi there. You asked about my blog look. I made it myself using images I hobbled together and enhanced. Love your valentines look!

  5. itsazooaroundhere

    Unfortunately, you have entered IF time! Where everything takes 10x longer than it should, but you better believe the bills roll in right on schedule. I am SO sorry! I’ve learned to go in with the worst of expectations. Like, when I go to pharmacy to pick up a prescription, I truly expect that they won’t have it, won’t give it to me, will have to order it or it will cost double. That way if it goes well, I’m pleasantly surprised!Pathetic, but has saved me from crumpling in tears on the clinic floor, or killing someone! I hope you get those results soon and that they are good. Friday the 13th is lucky for me, too!

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