Just Chillin’

I don’t have anything new to post on the IF war front. We are just in limbo right now. All I have to say is THANK GOD that new episodes of all my favorite shows are coming back around. 🙂 It is really quite ridiculous what all I DVR (well, I normally call it TIVO-even though I have DirectTV).

I always do the “I am going to iron clothes/balance the checkbook/blah, blah blah while I have it on. I do ok laundry and watching tv– I can follow along in my brain when I can’t see the screen. This drives my husband crazy- he will think I am not watching it and change the channel. Of course this makes the TIVO scream b/c it can’t record the OTHER TWO THINGS that are going on if you change the channel. 🙂 “You weren’t even watching it Honey- can I please watch Scarface for the 315th time?”

I have recently started listening to audio books- and having Fox News on mute. That really gets my husband laughing. Hey, I would hate it if I was bee-bopping along with Becky the Shopaholic and something like 9/11 happens. Honestly- I missed all that when it started. I worked night shift and had worked on the 10th. By some weird fluke I called my mother before I went to bed to ask her about my brother helping me move. She said “Honey have you turned on the TV?!?” I squalled “OH NO- Don’t tell me it is going to rain on Thursday!!!!”(the day big bro was going to help me move). She said what happened, and I turned on the TV- just in time to see the second one hit. Needless to say I was not really worried about the weather that day. I discovered that I need to know what is going on in the world. I would have felt like a GOON if I went to work that next night and didn’t know.

Anyways. That is my daily droll. 🙂

Oh, I did go to a Mardi Gras Ball on Saturday. I am not a member of a krewe, but I have some friends in some. Honestly- it is pretty much like a sorority. Fun none the less though. Tonight I am going to eat sushi! Another thing I do sparingly now. I used to go once or twice a week. Now, just once a month. You just never know.

Anybody doing anything fun/sweet/interesting for valentine’s day or the Superbowl?!? We are Stee.ler fans so we are going to have a BLLLLLAAAASTTT



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