I want to know what they are doing over in India. Honestly- how can someone whose girly bits (sorry, snagged that term- I LOVE IT!!!) have GREY hair give birth. I am having a hard time imagining this. How can a responsible RE agree to this???

Is this mother going to take the baby with her to the nursing home to have BOTH their diapers changed??

Check it out girls- let me know what you think. I personally am a little disturbed. I understand waiting to have a child. I understand wanting a child. BUT COME FREAKING ON!!!!



6 responses to “Seriously?…SERIOUSLY?????

  1. itsazooaroundhere

    Um, wow. Yeah, it’s a slippery slope argument, because on the one hand, who am I to talk? But the last paragraph nails the ethical side of it. Science is CRAZY!!!

  2. Yay! I found you! That’s so weird that I could get to it one day and then not the next! Your blog is way cooler looking than mine…I always just use the silly default layouts that they have! Oh…and the old lady having a baby…good grief!! Gives me a little hope though…if she can do it…so can I! :o)

  3. I got your blog site off of SweatPea’s. I too have been wondering where I could find it. Really, what a load of crap! 70 years old, are they joking?! That was such a selfish thing to do, yeah she had a baby like she wanted but who’s going to take care of the child when her and her husband pass away? And what were the doctors thinking who treated her? Not saying there should be an age limit on treatment but come on, use some common sense.

  4. THat is totally crazy! I’ll be it is donor egg. Right?

  5. Ack! Gross. WTF?! Ick. Eeew. Absolutely ridiculous!πŸ™‚

  6. Here from Lost and Found and Connections Abound to welcome you to the blogosphere.I blogged about the other 70-year-old from India a few months ago. Age is the least of their problems — rendering themselves and their heirs penniless because of treatments for one, and rejecting their infant daughter because she’s a girl, for another.

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