What’s That Sound??

I babysat today for a friend of mine that had to go to the doctor and run errands in general. Her baby is 5 weeks old, and cute as a button. When I got there, Sweet Thing was asleep. I watched Top Chef and read my book- easy peasy.

Then I heard a strange sound..from the master bedroom. Weird alien noises.

I realized as I got up to walk into the bedroom that it was Sweet Thing grunting as she woke up….transmitted on the baby monitor.

LOL!!! I am telling myself that I didn’t know the sound b/c it came out of a baby monitor…and not b/c I have forgotten what a baby sounds like. Ha!!!!


One response to “What’s That Sound??

  1. LOL!!!!!!!! That is great! It sounds like you had a nice afternoon. I am kinda jealous, no one around me right now has a small baby and I have to say that I miss the cooing and plain old baby smell.

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