If I Ever Were Arrested

Those that know me…uh, which is the two of you out there that read my blog, know that I am an UBER graceful person. I could do highwire, balance beam, horse tricks….in my dreams, or for videos for America’s Funniest Videos. Graceful I am not….well, unless you talk to my mother, then Grace is my Middle name.

The first thing my mother said when I talked about starting IVs in nursing school “oh dear, they let people like you do that? Be careful, don’t hurt yourself” (yes, she was worried about ME- and for good reason probably)

People like me. People that climb up to a top bunk at 25 years of age, and get hit in the eye by the ceiling fan when turning around to turn off the light.

People like me that run in to door jams hourly.

People like me that trip over air…and sometimes fall.

People like me that ALWAYS cuts themself while chopping,dicing,mincing ANYTHING.

This is how I know I can’t laugh at the following video. I know I would be just like these two people trying to escape after an arrest.

These are PEOPLE LIKE ME!!!

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9 responses to “If I Ever Were Arrested

  1. itsazooaroundhere

    This is funny! My husband always teases me because for years I would run into the wall when going through a doorway, and the rivets of my jeans would catch on the doorknob-slot thingie and rip my pants. Like, five different times. Actually, all of this went away when I had my eyes lasered…something to do with depth perception. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. I so laughed! that was super funny. your post was even funnier. You made me so laugh. I had to get DH to read him your post and then watch the video.

  3. Interesing point about the lasering- I do wear glasses, but the eye doc always say I am good as far as depth and peripheral vision. !?!?! My Wii Fit says I am unblanced, and that is why I trip alot. According to my “wii age” I have to agree with him. 🙂 Glad you guys enjoyed!

  4. A Few Good Sperm

    L, Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m sorry you are dealing with all of this, but know you are in good company! Don’t worry, I’m a clutz too. I was reading through your list and thinking, hmmmm, that sounds like me. Oh, and back to a previous post about the “waiting game,” it does get a little easier. I have stopped “planning ahead” because I know I can’t. We hesitated to have surgery for my husband because the doctor said it could take 6-12 months to see results. I couldn’t imagine waiting that long, and guess what here we are 6 months later. So much for having a baby by the time I’m 30 (2 years ago)!

  5. Hi, saw you on the Lost & Found. We're dealing with male-factor too. Looking forward to following your journey.

  6. this might be a duplicate comment… it seems like my computer is screwy today.Welcome to LFCA and stirrup queens. I’m the clicker for the donor gametes section of the Adoption/Loss/Infertility community.All the best,Lesleebabyattheend blogspot

  7. That’s funny. I found your blog through LFCA. Welcome to blogging.

  8. I’m a pretty bad klutz too and bruise waaaay too easy. Welcome to blogging!

  9. What in the world!!!!!!!! LOL…thanks for the laugh…that’s too funny!

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