Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…

okay well, I am not really sitting on the dock of the bay…but I AM wasting time. 🙂 I had a great weekend!!! We went out of town to were we used to live and watched the St.eeler.s game with a bunch of friends in a Bar (lets just say we are not in PA!!!). We had a BLAST!
The night before we went to watch a band play and I met up with a bunch of friends that live there (we used to live there) I was so excited b/c I had found an old high school friend on, and we actually met up that night! As the night went on it was like no time had passed, and I wonder why did I ever lose touch with her? Possibly b/c to call long distance when I went to college was 35 cents a minute, and I was too busy studying to write letters. 😦

This may sound crazy, but I am thankful for F.aceb.ook. This is the SECOND long lost friend that I have not only talked to online but have since seen in person. I might have never seen them again without Fac.ebo.ok. My husband doesn’t understand it- he kids me about. HATES it when I put pictures of him on there…but thankfully he tolerates it. 🙂

The game was a blast. Holy moly was that place rockin‘. We thought about going to Tampa and going to the game- but the tickets were 1700 a piece. A PIECE. Is that insane or what???? The day before they game the “DROPPED” to 1400. That is still insane. What is even more insane is that we would have paid it if we were not going to have to do IVF or ICSI. It hurt a little inside when they were voting it one of the best EVER. Just little, then I think that children are the BEST EVER. I am just going to guilt them with the fact that I MISSED THE BEST SUPERBOWL EVER TO BRING THEM INTO THE WORLD. LOL. (I really am just kidding!!)

We even did the “well, we could wait another 6 month and build back up our savings…we could charge the tickets…etc. etc.” Then we realized that is insane. We are 2000 away from having NO credit card debt- we have a great savings egg (thanks to his parents)- and we would rather be with all our friends. 🙂

IF related- um, I had my LMP on February 6th….I do the clearbl.ue eas.y fertility monitoring system. It had me start testing my pee on around cd7. So around cd 17 I had the one bar go up- meaning that my estrogen was rising and I was getting ready to ovulate. So I continued on test ever day, and today is cd29 and my bar just went down to nothing. So it looked like I was getting ready to ovulate fr 12 days, but I never did. WEIRD HUH? I used the sticks properly, first AM pee like it says, etc. etc. Has this happened to anyone else??

I am obviously not THAT worked up about it b/c #1 my husband has Azoo and even if we BD on my O, I wouldn’t get pg. #2we are going to have to ivf/icsi so my cycle will be augmented.

It is just frustrating!!!!!


2 responses to “Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…

  1. Hey L. Rebecca left a comment on another blog post of mine saying that the lab is called: RMA See the post comments here (Rebecca’s second comment):

  2. itsazooaroundhere

    Wow, that does sound like a fun weekend you had!! Good for you for saving money and not buying the tickets 🙂

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