Baby Dust Girls

I have been a member of support group on MSN groups for a while now, and they have had to move since MSN is closing down their groups (CRAZY!!!)

SO, without further adieu– I would love for you guys to check it out. There are not that many people that have transferred to it yet..but I would love for you guys to see it.

It is called Baby Dust Girls, and there are some really supportive people on there. I got my favorite poem called “My Someday Baby” from the previous website. I will find it and add it to this blog later. I LOVE IT!

Jenifer and Juls-if you make it over here, I hope you don’t mind that I jacked your poem. I JUST LOVE IT!

Some Day Baby

I wait, and I wait, and I wait, and I wait.
The slow horse still wanting out of the gate.
Hoping you’ll begin before it’s too late.
Where are you?

My someday baby
Each night I pray a prayer for you.

It is a prayer for daddy and me too.
I pray that I will someday feel you.
My kicking someday baby.
Every day I see children everywhere around.
I long to hear your laughing, cooing sound.
Your fingers around my one tightly wound
My happy someday baby.

How will you smile?
What color your eyes?
How will you like your birthday surprise?
Will you come to mommy to comfort your cries?
Wondrous you, my someday baby.

I touch terry sleepers, and booties so small
And wonder how much longer my heart can bear all.
Hoping and wishing through now my third Fall
To spoil my someday baby.
How I long to rock you to sleep,
And to rub your head until you dream deep.
To watch you roll over and sit and then creep
My sweet little someday baby.

The things others think are a pain you see
Sound like a piece of heaven to me.
To be awakened by something other than dreams
My pleasure, my someday baby.
I don’t know when you’ll see this, or if you’ll know
How much my heart dreamed of you,
prayed for you so.
To feel you, and watch you and help you to grow
My love, my someday baby.

I do hope and I pray,
and sneak cries through the day
With hope daddy and I will have you “someday.”
That sooner rather than later you can hear me say
“With love I welcome you”, my someday baby.

Doncha just want to cry?!?!?! Beautifully said.


2 responses to “Baby Dust Girls

  1. So beautiful!

  2. Really sweet poem. Thanks for posting it. I am working finding the right words to describe my someday family, that will hopefully start with my someday baby.

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