I Would Die For That…and knitting.

MammaSoon– I lifted this video off of your website. I have been trying for about 15 minutes how to get it on my web page AND show the entire screen unsuccessfully, so I am just going to post it.

I am torturing myself by watching it over and over…I just CRY!!! I needed a little cry to get all my recent frustrations out though.I feel better. I went today to a small family owned sewing center to see about signing up for sewing classes. They are not having one until March- but I am going to Chicago for a week the third week so I would miss two three hour long classes. SO, I will not to that until April.
In the meantime the lady got me all excited about knitting. (sidebar- I honestly can get excited about collecting bugs if I have the right salesman…so I don’t know how excited I REALLY am yet) Apparently they have come one, come all classes on Thursday afternoons and Saturday afternoons. She kept going on and on about how people will bring snacks, just sit around and knit and talk- sounded a lot like A Good Yarn. I was SOLD!

I love to be crafty- but doesn’t mean I do it. I did finish my husband a cross stitched Christmas stocking…and promptly misplaced it during our move. I have THREE rubber made totes for scrap booking stuff. Another two with cross stitching stuff. Hummm. Maybe this isn’t a good idea…but the thought of the REAL LIFE people interaction is like a drug. She talked about it being a good place to just get out of the house, laugh and have fun…and also to have a place that is safe haven away from it all surrounded by all the skeins of yarn. (Literally, floor to ceiling in a huge room..of YARN)

Then the inevitable happened. She started telling me that they make all sorts of stuff. She would start me out on easy things, but practical items. Baby blankets, wash cloths, burp cloths (uh, wouldn’t that go through the holes or am I missing something?), work up to baby booties and hats. I must have had a very telling look on my face b/c she immediately said that we could start out on scarfs, place mats, and work up to socks and hats for my husband and I. Then she just gave a big sigh and said “Or whatever it is you want to knit. Maybe a gag for my mouth?”

LOL. I decided then that I wanted to do this. If nothing else than to have something to do with my hands. Anyone else knit or am I a total goofball???

Where do all you find the cool little pictures to put in your blogs?? Do you have clip art program or something?? I am SO behind the times here.


One response to “I Would Die For That…and knitting.

  1. Its nice to create things. I’ve always enjoyed being creative, but there is something extra sweet about creating now. Like even if I am not creating a baby, I can still channel that energy into something productive. Now I am curious to know what you made!

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