It all started for me with a simple yaho.o local search for “Infertility Support Groups”. I found nothing, nada. I wanted to see what was out there for me (us) for support. Apparently there is no one around here that meets up IRL. I KNOW there are other infertiles around here. My RE is in this town for goodness sake.

So then I Goo.gled “infertility Support”. I found a few University Research websites, etc…then I found the first blog. One that we all know of….and if you don’t- YOU SHOULD.

The Stirrup Queens blog is awesome. A wealth of information…and so many blogs you could develop carpal tunnel from the shear hours of clicking.

I found I am not alone. I may be lonely, but I am not alone in this. I have already learned so much from my new friends, and I am so grateful.

BUT I CAN’T STOP READING..and clicking…just one more…ohhhh that sounds interesting….I will go throw in another load of clothes at 10am. Crap, I need to eat…well I will just wait for lunch. 🙂

Hi. My name is Laura and I am addicted to IF blogs.

The first step is acknowledgement right????

um, but I don’t want to stop. I just need a clone to do my house work and errands.


8 responses to “*STEP AWAY FROM THE BLOGS**

  1. Isn’t her site fantastic? It is addicting… I find myself talking about my bloggie friends a lot AND I care more about what they are doing and what is happening to them than I do some people IRL!!! You aren’t alone and it feels good to know that doesn’t it?

  2. Well I guess I can admit I’m addicted to reading blogs too then! Ahhhh, I feel better.

  3. itsazooaroundhere

    Oh yes, me too! I try to “limit” myself to blogs that are written by people in similar situations to my own, because really, I would be addicted to EVERY blog if I didn’t somehow set some rules! Sometimes I’ll be out dealing with something IF related, about to cry, and I just think of all my bloggy friends and feel their love and support. There are MANY people out there that know what you are going through! We may not be able to meet up IRL, but I think in many ways we are even closer than real-life friends. We can share everything and be totally honest. It is great!

  4. It all starts like this….🙂

  5. I know, I know. We all get caught up in it. 🙂

  6. Somewhat Ordinary

    It is addictive! You are pretty addicted if you read my whole blog going back almost 3 years. There are so many now and I try to keep up with the ladies (and a few men) that I started reading early on as well as adding on people that are in similar situations as me. I feel like I know things about bloggers that I don’t even know about my IRL friends. I wish I could meet them all!

  7. A Few Good Sperm

    I feel the same way, but I’m glad you read and comment on mine because it always brightens my day! Keep up the addiction! (as I sneak in a quick blog check while at work ;))

  8. She is the center of the IF blogoverse! You are so cute.

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