Budget Meltdown.

We are in the market to buy a house…unfortunately we are in one of the “distressed markets”. You would think that this would make the houses prime pickin’s….but NOPE!!!! The houses were waaaaay overinflated from the Hurricanes, and honestly I think they are STILL way overpriced for the area we live in.

After about a year of looking…we found one we like. Now we are finding out just HOW much you take it up the butt in FL in property taxes, homeowners, and the shear fact that getting a good loan is impossible.
We have been working on our budget- and that was enough to cause apoplexy. I know we eat out a lot (as evident on my ASS!!), but honestly- how can we average 800/month in 2008??? Then the enormous amount spent on travel and vacations. I started getting a little short of breath realizing ALL THE MONEY we mis-spent.
Then when we crunched the numbers…it was like we couldn’t even afford to live how we were living now!!! I think MS Money did something wrong in the calculations.

The major meltdown (aka snuffly hiccuping crying) started when my husband listed the “things to get” in order of importance….

1.Buying a house
2. Having (buying/ICSI) a baby
3. New Car
4. Vacation Home
5. Boat

Honestly- I can’t believe he threw in the last two. Didn’t he see the tachypnea starting? The deer in headlights was NO CLUE?!?!?
THEN he started outlining the timeline of each…
1.(house)-present to 6 months
2.(baby) 1-2 years
3.(car) 6mo-1 year

He said he figured that if we had to use all our savings for down payment and closing costs, then the next thing to wait was the baby…but in the meantime we could buy a car.

So, needless to say we are looking into that reasoning.
Before I have to slam him up again the turnbuckle and unleash my inner Tri.ple H

11 responses to “Budget Meltdown.

  1. Isn’t it crazy when you track all those “extras”? When BigB and I got married, I tracked all the $$ he spent on lunches. That quickly got the kabash. Even the two of us going out to dinner can quickly turn into a $100 tab if we order wine. CRAZY! I think it’s good that you do it from time-to-time so reality sets in and you set those goals. We have a boat and a vacation home on our list, too. Ha. WE’ll see if they ever come to fruition 🙂 Well…we could win the lottery, I suppose.

  2. oh goodness. this economy is killer for everyone. sorry you have to stress about it. we are getting new cars tomorrow and i am NOT looking forward to it. i tend to hyperventilate when spending money 🙂

  3. What is wrong with men??? My DH is constantly saying things to piss me off – things that any “woman” would realize are rude, condescending, insensitive, etc…but men, they don’t have a freaking clue!!! Hoping that you get item #2 on your list sooner rather than later.Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s nice to meet you.

  4. Hey girl, thanks for stopping by my blog and the lovely comments.

  5. Your blog is one I tried to comment on for quite a while the past two nights! I hope you can find a house that fits your needs and your budget. Where I am, the interest rates on loans are really low (we are currently refinancing at 4.75%) and things are getting more affordable. Let’s win the lottery to help make all of this easier!

  6. I tried to comment yesterday, but it wouldn’t let me 😦 Anyhow, I think what I said was I couldn’t agree with you more! Ahh, Men!?! We have an opposite priority list, baby first (hopefully we’ll actually be able to bring one home), then house, new car, etc. The only problem is DH drives my old (1999) Subaru with close to 200,000 miles, so I hope it lasts longer than the fertility treatments.

  7. I hope you don’t have to get into a rumble and can work it out so that you can have house, car and baby. GL!!BTW – My DH has NOA

  8. I hope you can figure our a way to make it work and avoid a rumble. GLBTW – My DH has NOAICLW

  9. I’m so happy I do all the finances in our house. My husband doesn’t even have any idea where are savings are. I listen to his opinions and then do what I want. MUUHAHAHAHAHA…You have an award at my blog.

  10. As a brand-new homeowner in FL, I can sympathize. We worked our butts off with several different loan people over six months before finally qualifying. . .and I won’t go into the mess we had trying to buy a foreclosure that didn’t work out. Thank God we finally got our house! As for Hubs, sit him down and get his priorities in order. With a rolling pin in hand if necessary 😉

  11. This is really hard, but you’ve taken the first, most important step of looking at your spending more closely. Although you disagree on the next steps at the moment, just crunching the numbers is a huge reality check. At least for us, when I realized how much we were spending on groceries alone. An unsolicited comment from a 35-year old: homes, cars, boats, etc. can wait, but one’s biological clock doesn’t. Good luck! I’m in your corner. 😉

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