Show and Tell

Here is my addition to the Show and Tell. The rules are simple- as spelled out on Mel’s site. Check this site out to see the rules, see other people in the class share, and to get your name on the roll!!!!

Here goes my contribution.

This is an item I got at a little boutique shop that made me cry in the store. Very embarrassing, but so fitting. I was killing time one day while I waiting for our takeout Mexican order to be done, so I went next door to a place called Sass.afra.s. They have all that stuff you never buy- $40 aprons, a set of four coasters for $35, etc. etc. I looked up at the wall and I saw this. I have never really had a poem or such “speak to me”, and never understood that phrase..until I saw this.

This was meant to be mine. I didn’t really want to buy it b/c it was so friggin‘ expensive (budget you know!!!) I knew it was mine. I know it holds a picture of us in it right now..but later it WILL hold pictures of our baby(ies)..From embies to jelly bean and so on.

That is my little piece of me!
um, also we are not Buddist- we were just outside a Chinese resturant the day the picture was taken, and we sat down to rub his belly. Hey, we were going to the casino later for some blackjack and slots- we needed all the help we could get!

8 responses to “Show and Tell

  1. That is absolutely adorable!! I love little shops like that…normally you can only window shop but sometimes you do find the best stuff!! :o)

  2. I LOVE it! I have a little sign above my desk that reads “Only time will tell”…and although it’s not particularly inspirational…it reminds me to let go, because there’s nothing I can make happen in THIS moment.

  3. That is a wonderful poem!

  4. Lovely sentiment–I’m glad you took it home with you.

  5. one-hit_wonder

    I’m glad you bought it.

  6. Somewhat Ordinary

    This is perfect!

  7. Absolutely wonderful! And very heart-touching. We all really need to have that much space for ourselves. Not just our dreams, but also our hopes, and desires and aspirations, all must be able to stay on in us. Great!

  8. Thank you for sharing that poem. It really hits home. I hope you don’t mind if I share it as well! It is so easy to be overcome with the sadness this journey, and awesome to have a reminder that there is a dream waiting for us at the end. This is exactly the reminder that I needed right now.

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