Baby Shower Mentioned (um, OBVIOUSLY NOT MINE!!! πŸ˜‰

I went yesterday to a baby shower for a gal at work. She is from the Middle East and obviously doesn’t have any family here- so we threw her a really big baby shower. Pretty much everyone from work came-about 25-30 people. Except for those that were working that night. It was very nice- we consider work ‘our family’. For her it is very special b/c she has literally NO ONE other than us . It was really really touching. She was so touched by it- it was cute too b/c she didn’t understand the concept of the cards. She thought she had to read ALLL of the card out loud, and she was just as excited about all the cards as she was the presents themselves. It was hard though- I was totally unprepared for the unwanted tears that started with the blessing of the food.

Then about halfway through the opening of the present it started with on person saying “whose the next??” I could hear all the necks swiveling and eyes turning towards me. Why do they assume it is MY TURN. Like this is a game of Yatzee.

I just have to roll the eggs and hope for a FULL HOUSE.

Ugh. EB (the mom-to-be) said “my little Connor will need someone to play with” Then they started ASKING!!! Are you guys thinking about it? You’re not working that much, you would have time for it!…and on and on and on. Like for 5. minutes.of.Torture. My friend Tina (that knows) tried to divert the dialog without success. I finally LITERALLY spilt my 7up/Orange Sherbert punch on myself for an excuse to go to the bathroom and leave for a little while.

Honestly it was THAT BAD. After that the attention was BACK on EB were it should have been. When I was saying g’bye to EB she asked me again, and then started giving me TIPS on how to get pregnant. HA HA HA HA. She said that she just went of BCPs b/c she couldn’t afford them (they didn’t have insurance at the time- she was not full time)..and they only used condoms.and she got pregnant. I just smiled a nodded, and said we are just having fun practicing.

Gag me with a spoon…and NOT A FRIGGIN‘ BABY SPOON for the love of all that is Holy.

I got out of there pretty early (but not too soon) b/c I had a birthday BLOW OUT to go to. My friend turned 40 and we had a throw down! I will have to tell you all more about that relationship later. I honestly really didn’t want to go b/c of the fact some of her friends rub me the wrong way. I don’t wear 7 For All Mankind jeans at 200+ a pop, or buy full price Gucci purses, etc. etc. I shop discount stores and am unashamed of it. I don’t drive a BMW. I drive a 2000 Accord with 165,000 miles on it.and PROUD OF IT! My friend isn’t really like that, but she gets a little “caught up” in it. I love her to death, but her friends exhaust me.

ANYHOO– I saw a bunch of people there that I DO get a long with. Some people from out of town, and others I didn’t know were invited. I had a lot of fun! I had to drag K(my DH- I need a nickname for him…initials SUCK!) out since he was on call…but it was nice having a DD!!! WOO HOO!!!! One nice thing is that a few of the girls got my phone number and want to meet for dinner or drinks later this week.

Awesome to(I am typing this part for the 3rd time…Blogger is PISSING ME OFF!)….okay, so this is awesome to combat the IRL girlfriend loneliness FUNK I have been in..but is going to reek havoc on our budget. I am going to have to eat dinner at home, and just order something really cheap. Maybe go to a local Sushi place that gives you refills on your salad and soup if you order a sushi roll….hummmmm….

Let me leave you all with this WTF!??!?! I got this in the mail yesterday. I don’t know HOW I ended up on their mailing list. I mean COME ON!

Can my chlorophyll babies go there? Maybe my dust bunny kiddos? I don’t even have any fur babies to send. Just plants and dust.



7 responses to “Torture

  1. I just don’t understand why people can’t just shut up at baby showers like that! Sorry you had to go through that.

  2. Stupid baby showers. Why can’t people mind their own business? I just posted about an invitation to one that I just got. No fun at all.

  3. Baby showers are like rubbing salt in an open wound. It’s bad enough when you prepare yourself, get your armor on, and go, but to then be targeted like that is just cruel and relentless. I’m sorry you had to suffer like that. It sounds like it was pure torture. And the preschool flyer. Ugh!

  4. itsazooaroundhere

    How great that you connected with some fun people at the party! Lately I meet for drinks and go with beer (1/3 the price of a glass of wine), and then say I have dinner plans with husband back at the house. Or, going to someone’s house is always cheaper, with everyone bringing something to drink/snack on. Sorry about the baby shower. Grrrr.

  5. what a frighting nightmare at the shower. I would have awkwardly blurted out that i’d be trying and it was working in a way that made everyone really darn uncomfortable so they could share in the moment you were having.

  6. UGH! That IS torture!

  7. That does sound like torture. I also attended a baby shower this weekend… it was bad enough, but SHEESH. I am so glad you made it through without seriously injuring someone πŸ˜‰

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