Fortune Cookies

So I have got some pretty cool fortune cook.ies in the past, but this one takes the cake(um, or cookie). My husband got it yesterday when they ordered Chinese food at his office. You know things are getting bad when the stock market is mentioned in friggin‘ fortune cookies.

These are some recent past cookies that I saved b/c I liked what they said….tell me what you think. We already know what the windfall is, and my husband is doing well in his work…..I just made a new friend that I really like-or maybe that is a baby?!?!?
I am curious as to what interesting medical opportunity is that is in our future?!?!? Surely not the butt cam??? While I find it VERY interesting to see the inside of our bodies, my husband practically faints with blood draws. Should be interesting in a few hours is all I have to say.
On a different note- I had a “girl date” on Wednesday- a gal I met at my friend’s b’day party. I had a good lunch with her, and it seems we have a lot in common. It was more stressful than going out on a “boy date”. I want so much to have more IRL friend, but I don’t want to seem desperate. LOL. I think it went okay b/c she said “lets do this again”, and THEN SHE FACE.BOOK.ED ME!! LOL. Can you guys believe I am 31?!? I feel like I am in junior high trying to make friends.

I am looking forward to the 17th b/c we are going to Chicago. K has a work conference to go to, and I am tagging along. I am super excited b/c this time I am going to go see the Black.Hawks. Last time we went I got to see the Cubbies.
Happy weekend to all- We are popping down to the beach today and tomorrow. I have to work on Sunday- DARN IT!

4 responses to “Fortune Cookies

  1. Fashionably Infertile

    I love Chicago! I was just looking at booking a trip in September. Possibly catching a Red Sox/White Sox game (for DH). I love facebook..I am a complete addict. Hope you have a great weekend and thank you for the well wishes!

  2. I act the same way on “girl dates”. Making girl friends IRL is always so tough for me so good for you! If she facebooked you it must be a good sign!My friend once got a fortune cookie that said “you will grow to be a wise old man”. She was a little worried about that one!!

  3. I’m from Chicago!!! I am hoping Fashionably (up there) comes to visit me. I’m up for coffee if the timing aligns. πŸ™‚ We should be back in town from Denver by then.

  4. I forgot to add that I love fortune cookies. Do you ever add “in bed” to the end of them for fun? LOL.

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