Resolve on MSNBC

Dear You, RESOLVE’s Executive Director, Barbara Collura, is scheduled to appear on MSNBC with Alex Witt, Sunday March 8 at 10:40 et. (Don’t forget it’s daylight savings!)Ms. Collura will be speaking on behalf of the infertility community in reaction to regulation of infertility treatments, including pending legislation in Georgia. For a complete update on the Georgia legislation, visit our web site. Georgia residents we urge you to continue to act and make your voice heard! Tell your family and friends who live in Georgia to show their support too! Make your voice heard here.
What else can you do to show your support?
–Ask friends and family who live GA to take action. –Volunteer for RESOLVE, there are many options nationwide. Email for more information. –Donate. RESOLVE is fighting every day to ensure that infertility patients have full access to the care they need. We need your donations to help continue the fight.
Please remember to visit for updates on our advocacy efforts across the country.
Thank you for your support!
Lee Rubin CollinsRenee Whitley (Georgia Resident)RESOLVE Advocacy Co-chairs


2 responses to “Resolve on MSNBC

  1. I heard about this. Isn’t it just infuriating? I can’t believe it. fyi – you posted your name at the top. was that intentional?

  2. This makes me so MAD! ERRR. PS-I never get any good fortune cookies. I always get jipped.

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