Better Now.

Okay, sorry for that last self indulgent post. I think about it now, and I wonder why I was so upset? I have a great life, and I so very thankful for it. How whiny did I sound? Sorry to my faithful readers that had to read that.

SO, what is new in the Land of Mundan.ia? I have been going to the gym like a good little overweight infertile and kicking ass. Yesterday I did a Crossfit exercise called “Annie”
I can’t do double unders, so my trainer augmented the amount of jumping rope I did, and sit ups.

Although, I think I got jipped b/c she had me do 250/200/150/100/50 Jump ropes and 30/25/20/15/10 Sit ups. Maybe she thought I needed more. 🙂
Either way, I realized how friggin‘ hard jumping rope was after about the 3rd jump. 247 still to go. HA HA HA. I finished in 27 minutes. ARGH!

During jumping rope I started smelling curry spices. I don’t shower BEFORE I go to the therefore my hair smelling like the chicken curry that smoked up my house the night before. I cooked it on tuesday, and my house STILL SMELLS LIKE CURRY. Honestly. It is driving me batty.

My husband made his appt. for the But.t Cam on March the 25th. YEAH! He has to reschedule his afternoon clinc for the 27th. I feel really bad for his patients, but it is either that day or April 22nd. Um, sorry. My sympathy went out the window when I realized it is taking 5.5 months just to get all OUR TESTING DONE!!! ARGH!

My Mother and younger brother are coming down for a visit this weekend. I have to work again this Sunday. That sucks, but unavoidable. They understand- especially since they decided to come down after my schedule came out.

I am getting really excited about going to Chicag.o next week. Not to thrilled about the aspect of cold weather though. BLAH!!!!!!!!!

My friend Rainy is having her ET tomorrow- PLEASE say lots of prayers for her. I am so excited!


3 responses to “Better Now.

  1. Pleased you are over your funk!!

  2. Pleased you are over your funk!!

  3. A Few Good Sperm

    No problem, everyone needs to vent sometimes (I do it a lot). Glad things are looking up!

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