Helllllooooo ladies! Welcome to another lovely month of comments- my second, and it starts with me out of town. I am currently typing really fast so I can make it down to breakfast before 1030. 🙂

I am a 30 something gal that is fighting several battles in my quest to have a child. I have endometriosis– pretty extensive, although never given a grade. My DH (King.man) has Azoo.sperm.ia. Yippe. Under timeline tab at the top I have a greater detailed timeline for the extremely curious lot of you.

We are out of town right now for my husbands work (I tag along and sight see), and fly home tomorrow. (BOOO HOOO..well…I AM ready to get to my own tub so I can try out my new LUSH purchases. hee hee).

I have friends that live here in Chic.ago- they are coming up again today to stay the night. We went last night to a Blac.khawks hockey game. They lost in shootout OT. Ugh. Every team I watch in person loses. Cub.s, Blackh.awks, Steel.ers, B.raves….Maybe I should go watch the Patriots during playoffs. :).

I will post more later about my adventures…and my dreams. Staying here has given me some REALLY crazy dreams.


5 responses to “I COM WE LEAV Day 1

  1. Lorza, I can totally relate to the “several battles.” Just know you’re not alone, there are many of us with Endo, and male factor, who understand just how daunting making a baby is with these crazy odds. But try we will, and you will get there too.Your comments on my blog has meant the world to me. The devotion comment about giving up coffee and being sainted in your mind had me feeling happy for days. 😉 Trigger time for me tonight.Enjoy your time in Chi.cago. Love that city! Happy ICLW #2.

  2. I love IComLeavWe but is a bit of a mission to fit it all in, what we me trying to read many books and everything in my life. Thanks for all comments!

  3. Hey Hon! It was so nice to meet you. Since you come back every once in a while, you’ll have to let me know when you do. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying all that chicago has to offer. Goooo blackhawks.

  4. YAY FOR LUSH…you will not be disappointed…your skin will be so luscious…and its so relaxing! :o)

  5. Sweet hoooome Chicago! Chitown is where most o the family on my mom’s side is. I can’t wait to read more of your posts! ICLW

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