Going Home.

I hate last days. 😦 DH had a great AM sleeping in- the first time he could since we have been here. He slept until almost 10am. YIKES!! I have been reading my book patiently since I can’t pack or anything. Thank goodness we are at a hotel that has late checkout.

Our flight is later in the day b/c they were the cheapest. I think it is crazy to pay 400 more bucks to fly out 3 hours earlier!!!

I had a GREAT visit here. I loved meeting Mamasoon for tea- she was just as sweet and feisty as I would have thought. I must be hormonal or something b/c I am tearing up just typing about it…maybe I am just truly touched at how blogging and meeting friends online has enriched my life.

Thank you Mamasoon. You rawk!!

Okay, last word…PLEASE stop by a fellow blogger’s site and give some hugs and love. Emmy has had so many battles in the last few months. She lost her job, her 28 yo brother passed away, and a dx of non obstructive Azoo was passed to her the next day. My heart just breaks for her. Please stop by and give her some love- she is such a sweetie and deserves it!!



6 responses to “Going Home.

  1. I forgot to tell you – I LOVE your term of “blunking!”

  2. Lorza, thanks for the heads up about Emmy. I’ll head on over to her blog to comment.

  3. Fashionably Infertile

    Lorza…so glad you had a nice time with Mama! I am totally jealous. We have yet to meet. What book are you reading? Have a safe flight home.

  4. Hope you feel better. Sometimes, with endo, an ob/gyn does not know all the locations, stages or other info about endo. An endo expert is best, for anyone who comes across this post. I went to the CEC in Atlanta, and they are amazing. Here are some sources for people suffering with this terrible disease.centerforendo.comendometriosissurgeon.comendoexcision.compelvicpain.comnaprotechnology.comendo-resolved.comerc.activboard.com/endometriosis.orgendo101.comjohnleemd.comMarch is Endo Awareness month!

  5. Hi there! I loved hanging with you too! It was the perfect thursday and you walked home arms full of goodies from state street, huh?I hope your flight was a good one. Now you can warm your bones in the sun. it is raining and cold here today.

  6. sounds like you had a nice meeting-that is awesome! Have a safe trip home!

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