Anyone ever feel like a college freshman around thanksgiving when you miss a few days of reading blogs? That coupled with the fact that it is ICLW I am drowning here!!!!! I was out of town for almost a week, and didn’t all my blogs like I normally do- apparently I follow a lot.

I get home yesterday, pass out and think “I will have a great day tomorrow bloggin‘” Totally didn’t realize that something died in my fridge (strawberries), clothes needed to be washed, houses to be hunted (I am currently using a bazooka, but if anyone has any better hints- LET ME KNOW)..and the list goes on and on.


Day after tomorrow goes in for his Ul.tra.sound. woo hoooo. I wish he could take something-but alas he has to go back to work after he is done. I don’t know how much work he will be getting done….but that is another blog (like Thursday).

I feel that I am going to have to call and get back on BCPs until something is decided as far as a cycle. My periods are going crazy again- this last was was 43 days!

(TMI to follow)
I was bloated, tender,psycho, nauseated, had the IBS constipation/diarrhea pendulum, painful sex for about a week and half before AF arrived. (basically PMS Gone Wild…Spring Break Edition) This is not cool. I fear the endo is reeking havoc again. I felt a lot of pain somewhere around mid cycle in my RLQ(right lower quad.)- tender to touch very specifically…exact pain as when I had a resolving hemorrhagic cyst before. Of course it happened on a Friday, and was gone before Monday..and I WAS NOT going to the ER unless I was dying. So I don’t‘ know what is going on.
All I know is this CAN’T be my normal any longer. I will go crazy.

Much love.

6 responses to “can’t.keep.up.

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering so much. 43 days plus all the other Endo symptoms – ugh. Lorza, you’re one tough cookie to avoid the ER “unless you’re dying.” I hope your RE has some answers for you. BCPs in the interim sound like a good plan.GL to the Not to sound unsympathetic to his cause, but with all we gals go through, it’s only fair to have equal opportunity “camera” experiences.

  2. My major aversion to emergency room is b/c I was an ER RN for many years…and King.mans job takes him to ER a lot. I HATE THE ER. Despise it. Will have to be really sick to have to go there. 🙂 Thanks for the GL wishes!!

  3. itsazooaroundhere

    Oh, so sorry about the horrible periods and PMS. It sounds just terrible! Do the BCPs help? Good luck to your hubby with his u/s. Our poor guys have to go through so much with the damn azoo. I hope it shows good results!

  4. no,no. A 43 day cycle is no good at all! Sorry it was so bad! I hope DH’s u/s goes well!

  5. I’m sorry that your body is giving you such a rough time. I’m impressed that you can keep your humor in the midst of it tho… ‘PMS Gone Wild…Spring Break Edition’ Very clever!I hope things get sorted out for you soon!ICLW

  6. Sorry you are feeling so bad. Hope everything goes ok with

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