As Expected

Today was the but.t cam. I was going to take a picture of the machine, but alas- my husband doesn’t have the sense of sharing that I do. 🙂 Sorry loyal fans. The ultrasound was pretty much as expected…with a little more light shed. There are basically no semi.nal ves.ical. There was one small little squiggly area that was a pin point- it was supposed to be huge and dilated and “engorged”. It was like a toothpick in comparison. His bladder neck/prostate look like someone that had a TURP done. On the plus side- he will probably never get pros.tate can.cer, an enlarge.d pro.state or ere.ctile dy.sfuncti.on!!! YEAH!

What this means is there will be no surgery to fix this. There will be no aspiration from the area considered to be the “storage tank” waiting for du……

uh, I had to save the post and don’t remember what I was going to write. I am sorry I have been so MIA this week/ a week of ICLW of all times. I really appreciate all the well wishes. I am finally starting to feel like myself again. I actually cleaned house today. More than just loading the dishwasher. 🙂 I will give the whole story of the procedure at a later date.

oh, now I remember what I was going to write….

Waiting for du…DUMPING the ‘load’ of swimmers out to the the, eh, **YOU KNOW**.

Okay, so I am not totally crazy- I did have a point to that. So, there is basically nothing there, so if he makes sperm they are just hanging out in the testes until the give up the ghost and get reabsorbed. My husband is a little freaked out at this concept. The medical professional in him knows his fears won’t happen…but the guy in him is thinking his balls will explode one day b/c his little troopers can’t be released. LOL!!!! There is nothing to fix surgically b/c it isn’t there. This is believed to be b/c of the Syn.drome

Anyways. Dr. Jumpable doesn’t do ANY kind of retrival, and recommened we go to a ‘nearby’ (4.5 hour drive) acedemic center to a uro. there that specializes in this. DARN IT.
We just have to hope they do cyropreservation there so we can bring the troopers down here for the Invasion of Ovum. I have this mental picture of me carrying a metal tube the size of a Stanley Thermos..driving down the road…listening to a book on CD.. in the passenger seat with an ice back on his barracks….getting caught in the dreaded Interstate connstruction…driving on the side of the road to bypass it…getting pulled over….trying to explain to the state troopers this **REAALLY IS FOR REAL**.

I can go on and on. I really do hope they can send/I can bring them down here b/c I really don’t want to cycle up there. I can- my mom lives there and all…but I want to be at home. I want Dr. DryWit to do it. My nurse there is like my Mom. She even has the same name. I just like it there. We shall see.

Let’s talk about ME! (in the tune of Ke.ith) I talked to Momma Nurse at the RE and about my crazy cycles, pain, etc. etc. They conferred and I am now on Fem.con Fe until we cycle. I hate taking another pill, but I LOVE BCPs. They are my friend. I hope it will clear up my skin!!!!

oh, yeah and regulate my cycles too. called just a minute ago and we have our NEXT urologist appt. on May 8th. He had to get a Friday b/c of work. At this rate I think I may cycle at Christmas.

THANK YOU LADIES!! I am going to try and get back to comments soon…just so freaking behind now!!!

7 responses to “As Expected

  1. wow, sorry to hear it didn’t go great. But, it is hopeful they could get some swimmers out, I hope it works out for you!*iclw

  2. Tob.y Road Construction? Are you sure you don’t live in TN? We could totally get together and commiserate!

  3. So sorry that it’s such a struggle. I can relate… On the upside, urologists do amazing things with sperm aspiration these days. PESA, MESA, mTESE, TESE, etc. – Go.ogle those for starters or email me if you have questions and I can share what we’ve discovered so far. It sounds as if your Dh has sperm, but that they can’t get out? Take a look at Cornell’s male infertility web site:’m sure you’ll cycle before Christmas! I’d recommend calling the urologist your Dh made an appointment with and asking about the cryopreservation and shipping, and their fee schedule. Dh’s urologist gave us the option to do PESA and drive the sperm to our clinic ourselves, or to do MESA and have it shipped to our clinic.

  4. itsazooaroundhere

    Ugh, I can totally relate to the struggles with finding sperm, making appointments, WAITING, driving long distances…it just sucks. On the plus side, at least they think they can extract some! I’m sure they will be able to work with your local clinic; they can usually just transfer the frozen sample whenever you need it. Hang in there!

  5. A Few Good Sperm

    Sorry you didn’t find something “fixable” but at least you have some options. I’m sure you can work something out to be able to cycle at home. Ahhh, clear skin, I was hoping bcp’s would do it for me too but actually the lupron is doing wonders. At least I know when I go through menopause I’ll finally get rid of these zits (maybe). In the mean time, I’ll have bad skin til I’m 50. Blahh.

  6. Hey there,I read and re-read your post and I just don’t know enough about the sperm and what the procedure showed to interpret it. Can you talk in a new post about what this showed in a different way so I can understand what this means for your treatment. 🙂

  7. Sho’ nuff Mamasoon! I just re-read my post and it is a little all over the place. 🙂 Oops. I will write a good one tomorrow when I am caffeniated. 🙂

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