Can’t wait for September 22.

I just found out by shear accident the other day that my favorite series of books is going to have the lastest one IN SEPTEMBER!! It has been several years since the last one…and I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!

They are the Out.lander series by Dian.a Gab.aldon. Wonderful. I honestly think people either love them or could leave them. I personally love them. So much I would not sleep just to read. I would read walking through my house b/c I couldn’t tear myself away to walk to the kitchen. I would not eat. I held the book out of the shower and read…I would only take baths after I got the pages wet. It is an addiction. A bad, bad addiction. HERE is a link to a youtube video that is GREAT as a synopsis of the first book. It won’t let me embed it. Sorry.

Check out her books HERE.

I also just now found out they are wanting to make a movie about the Outlande.r books. I am torn about this. The movies are NEVER as good as the books. The characters always fall short. They leave things out- they HAVE too to when each of the books is about 800 pages long!! There are 6!!! Humm..

I don’t see a specific thing on her website talking about the movie….lots of other websites from blogs such as this one- so I won’t believe it until I can track it down on her website.



4 responses to “Can’t wait for September 22.

  1. I love to read, so I will have to add this series to my summer reading list. Unfortunately, as a 6th grade reading teacher, all I get to read during the school year is juvenile lit. Summer is “me” time, though. THanks for the recommend!

  2. I’m happy to meet another Gabaldon fan. All the women in my family (plus my brother!) are addicted to them!I saw on Diana Gabaldon’s website a couple of days ago that the book isn’t coming out on 9/22, that Amazon just made it up. Wonder if it’s true.Also, she wrote in The Outlandish Companion that the books had been optioned for movies a couple of times but that nothing had ever happened. A movie could be amazing, but it also might be such a disappointment. I just don’t know! 🙂On pins and needles!!

  3. I’m adding this to my summer list, too! Thanks for reommending it.ICLW

  4. Beautiful Mess

    I’ve walked through the house while reading, never taken a shower though. I love getting so engrossed in a book. Enjoy the latest one. I hope time flies so you can read it.*ICLW*

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