A Little Fun

okay, I am totally ripping this game off of kayjay’s latest blog. I am addicted, and it is so freaking funny. Hop over there and give her a shout out and hug whilst she waits for the biopsies of her blasts!

Okay here goes the rules….

“…. let’s all pretend that we’re going to name our kids with the help of the blogger “word verification” that needs to be typed in before you can submit a comment 🙂
You get 3 tries to get a word you like and then you have to answer the following questions:
1. What would blogger name your kid?
2. Is it a boy’s or girl’s name?
3. What does it mean and how do you say it?

Good luck to you all and I hope Blogger word verification is kind to all of us!”

Just be warned that this is addictive…and will have you laughing out LOUD!!!

Here is one of my three children’s names…..
Blogger would name my child:
It is a:Girl
What does it mean/how to pronounce it: CHI-sus– the second c is soft, and emphasis on the first syllable. It is the ancient world’s goddess of womanhood and fertility.(CHICK-US)
LOL I think this name was chosen so the my daughter doesn’t have to deal with what I am!!!!

6 responses to “A Little Fun

  1. A Few Good Sperm


  2. A Few Good Sperm

    Well that didn’t work, the word verification didn’t pop up…you can ignore my previous comment. 🙂

  3. Very interesting… My child will be named

  4. Okay… that didn’t work. Your blog doesn’t require word verification.I love the idea of the game though. And I love the idea of a name you give your child protecting them from harm!Lesleebabyattheend

  5. Okay, word verification is working now, thanks L. Blogger would name my baby: EnonsonIt’s a girl!Pronounced “EE-NON-SON” Explanation: Eek! I thought IVF could give me a “designer baby boy” and instead I got a girl, or rather a “non-son”.

  6. LOL! “exorryp” I believe this would be a boys name.Similar to cough syrup?! haha!

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