Impending Doom

okay, maybe not like Armageddon or anything…but I am having a b’day soon and I don’t like it. I normally LOVE my birthday. The only day you can be totally self centered. I like getting presents, but for me- just being with people is the thing I like about b’days.

Last year we were in Chicago for a convention- my lovely husband had roses, chocolate and champagne delivered to the room while we were out at dinner. Year before that my friends pulled off a surprise b’day party. Now I have moved and away from long time friends and famiy. This year, I am trying to get ready for a normal day. My husband will be on night 5 of 8 of being on call- and he is already frazzled and it is only day 2. I have a lunch set up on Monday, but most of them made noises that they might not be able to come. For a minute I entertained the thought that they were going to surprise me also…but then I realized I only told one person 2 weeks ago that it was b’day…and I honestly think she forgot. She sometimes forgets to come to work. Honestly- she is a damn ditz- but I love her.

This sounds so selfish typing it out- but if can’t have a pity party on your own damn blog- WHERE CAN YOU??? I miss going home to my mothers and having whatever I want for dinner and desert. I miss the night of playing board games and laughing.

I don’t want presents- I want PRESENCE!!!!!!!!!

snif, snif.

Okay, so NOW for a laugh. I was going through Whataburger the other day and I wanted a chicken sandwich only mustard, and a large diet coke. The girl kept asking me what I wanted..did I want the combo? NO!! Did I want fries with that? NO!!! (um, that is the only difference in what I ordered and the combo dip shit) Did I want a hot apple pie? NO..although a cold as ice apple pie might be…NO NO NO!! Then the speakerboxx goes quiet…and I hear..muffled…motherfucker!! Shit…UM, ma’am, what did you want again? I fucked up on the order and erased it.

I was so stunned I couldn’t remember what I wanted. LOL!!!! When I rolled around to the pick up window there was a 70 year old woman taking the money. I though- well, I guess they stuck her up there b/c that other girl cussed…

Then the old lady said “that will be xxx dollars”…..I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the same one that took my order.

#1 The youngest elderly voice I had ever heard
#2 Poor thing probably has had to back to work b/c of the economy
#3 If I have to work at that age I will probably curse in the speaker box also!!!

After seeing her I didn’t really care anymore that she let it fly. For some reason I can forgive her and move on….but if that would have been a younger girl- I would have reported it. You know that old lady isn’t doing it for fun!! I wouldn’t want her to get fired. 🙂

Hope y’all have a great weekend!!!

17 responses to “Impending Doom

  1. I feel very similarly about birthdays. I hope that your plans work out and that you ends up being a spectacular day.

  2. itsazooaroundhere

    I’ve been there – the hardest birthday of my life was the first year I moved to the big city, and didn’t have many friends. My husband (boyfriend at the time) had to attend a rehearsal dinner that I wasn’t invited too, and my new “friend” across the hall stood me up. I say you make the night all about you – your favorite foods, dessert, movie, book, bath, massage, whatever! At least then you can look forward to relaxing. We’ll celebrate with you here in blogland!

  3. A Few Good Sperm

    Happy early birthday! Your hubby sounds like a romantic (unlike mine) so I bet he’ll surprise you with something! I’m not much into birthdays (especially dealing with IF) which is a good thing because my hubby won’t buy me something unless I pick it out. Oh well, I still love him. That’s both funny and sad about the drive through. I have the same thoughts when someone elderly is bagging my groceries. I hope I’m not in that situation when I’m older but considering I haven’t started saving for retirement I probably will be. 😦

  4. Can I delurk to wish you happy birthday? I can totally bring some party hats.

  5. I feel your pain :(. My birthday is in two weeks, and my hubby will be in the UAE traveling. I have no family, and will probably spend my birthday alone as well. And I know exactly what you mean about going to Mom’s for dinner – we’d always get to pick our dinner and desert and the whole fam would be there! Lots of fun :).

  6. HAPPY EARLY BDAY! Mine is this coming week too! Aries girls UNITE!I’d take you out if i was nearby.Funny story about the drivethrough, L. 😀

  7. Coming from L&F, wishing you a Happy Birthday! I hope you get happily surprised!

  8. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!! That is very sweet of everyone. I also want to add- I just got my first rude ass comment(which by the way I am not going to satisfy them by approving- this is my little portion of the world that I control. You don’t like it- CLICK THE FUCKING X and leave.)If you think you need to voice your views- go ahead. Just don’t hide behind annonymous. Also, read the post- I am not a bigot

  9. ninapintasantamaria

    Happy Birthday! I’ve always said that my birthday should be declared a national holiday! Sounds as though you feel the same way!

  10. Hmmmm….. Bigot seems extreme.An age bias? Possibly… (Since you clearly state that you would report a younger person for the same transgression, but NOT the older person.) Either the profanity is acceptable or it isn’t. Assumptions about who needs the job more are a waste of time. You can’t really know why either person might be working at Whataburger. Right?Hope you get your “presence” on your birthday!

  11. The cursing olg lady strikes me as kind of hilarious.Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you (sung in a loud, and off-key, chorus). If no one can come out to play with you tomorrow, perhaps you can splurge and do something for yourself you otherwise wouldn’t? Spa day? Rock climbing lessons? Whatever you do, I hope it’s fabulous.

  12. itsazooaroundhere

    Happy, happy birthday!!!!!

  13. Hope you have a lovely day today, no matter what you end up doing or with whom 🙂 and that the coming year is your best one yet. Happy birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday to you!Hope someone gives you real flowers but here are some virtual ones anyway… *>-@->-@–>-@->- *>-

  15. Irish Diplomacy

    Here from LFCA… Happy Birthday!! Mine was last week and ended up being just another busy day. Do something special just for you today!

  16. I hope you have a wonderful birthday today.

  17. Here from LFCA. I’m sorry there weren’t any plans for your birthday. I hope you had a good birthday anyways. Hugs to you.
    Oh and that’s so funny about the little old lady swearing in the intercom. Yes, that will probably be me someday too.

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