Happy Labor Day To My Mother!!!

30 some odd years ago my parents were blessed with the sweetest bundle of joy. My siblings were at home eating cheese soup. (well, to my father’s defense…kids like cheese…and the can said soup. ’nuff said) The said siblings were less than thrilled at my arrival- mom was gone, eating cheese soup, and my sister was ONE MORE kid away from being that blissful only child that was becoming a distant memory. A life she loved beyond all. 🙂 JUST KIDDING!!!

My older brother didn’t realize he was gaining a perfect crash test dummy. Someone to “send in first”. Someone to blame it on. 🙂 Heh, heh, heh. I am a little self centered on my birthday-I like things to be about ME! 🙂 It always comes down to others though. No matter how selfish you are birthdays are no fun without others. I would rather spend a day with all my friends and family with no presents…than a trunkful of shoes or books. 🙂 The shoes get used and worn out. The books (although pretty close second to friends and family) get read and remembered. Friends and family are always making new memories, new smiles and are truly priceless. I am very blessed to have everyone I do in my life.


7 responses to “Happy Labor Day To My Mother!!!

  1. Here from LFCA…Happy happy birthday! Hope you have a great lunch and that your loved ones surprise you with new memories, even if doesn’t happen to be today.The whole week is your birthday week, right? Birthday month?

  2. Happy happy birth day to you! I hope your day is better than you could have hoped for.

  3. Happy Birthday! happy happy joy joy!

  4. K @ ourboxofrain

    Happy birthday! As Cassandra already suggested, I hope you and your loved ones will get to make the new memories you want even if it doesn’t end up being today.

  5. Somewhat Ordinary

    Happy Birthday and Happy Labor Day to your mom. It is quite funny we celebrate our birthdays as our own when really there is a woman somewhere that deserves some credit for all of hard work on that day!

  6. itsazooaroundhere

    I know I already said it, but since this is a new post….

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  7. ninapintasantamaria

    Happy Birthday! I’m personally of the opinion that my birthday should be a national holiday. This year, it was!

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