Friggin’ Hilarious.

Okay, so all us ladies know that there are very few blogs out there from the male perspective. I have been keeping my eyes open for them, but I have not had very much luck…either they have not posted since 2006 or 2007…have since had a few children…or well that is just about it.

Until today. I found a GREAT ONE! It is Xbox4Nappy Rash…check him out…

Check out THIS post on an Infertility Soundtrack. You will never look/listen to another song without finding a way to fit it into an infertility aspect. 🙂

Give him a shout out- they are going through the ringer!

Love to all!


5 responses to “Friggin’ Hilarious.

  1. Heh, we are out there, a small army of useless buggers, blogging away…

    Thanks 😉

  2. I also loved this post! I love his blog, too. He can always make me smile.

  3. Thanks for the links! It’s always fun to find new people!

  4. Thanks for your advice. I will talk to my DH about going back on the pill. I think its a great idea but it worries me a little that this could be ‘the’ month and we miss it! Lol I know that sounds silly! As far as the pain relief goes I will try that, thank you. I normally hold off for as long as possible before I cant stand the pain anymore and then give into pills. Maybe thats the wrong approach!

  5. Thanks for this! I’m trying to show my hubby that if he starts blogging he won’t be all alone. 🙂

    (Visiting via ICLW)

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