Show and Tell

This week I had a great week. I totally thought my friends would forget about me, but they didn’t. They pulled through. We had horrible weather on Monday, but a brave few came out and ate lunch with me. They are friends from work, and one girl(Mrs. T..and the one that defended me HERE) knew that I was down about my b’day. She rounded up a lot of other co-workers. 🙂

One of my best gals here gave me two awesome presents. The first of course is my b’day drink glass. Too cute huh?

The second- my b’day cake. It had a twinkie underneath all the frosting. LOVE IT!!

Thank you to everyone that showed support to me earlier this week. I love you guys.

Hope the next week is a GREAT one for everyone!!!

NOW- head over to Mel’s to see what everyone else is showing!! Find something or talk about something you want to show and tell…and get on the list!!


4 responses to “Show and Tell

  1. Cute glass…and what a SWEET cake. YIKES! All that icing for a twinkie?! How did it taste?

  2. Cute glass indeed! A daily cheer and what a cake! Hope you had fun…and all the very best for the upcoming month!

  3. I love those glasses. I have a wine glass similar to that. Glad you had a great time with your friends.

  4. itsazooaroundhere

    So glad you had a good birthday. What a cute cake!!

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