Happy ICLW

This is one of the best parts of blogging fellowship! Taking part in ICLW– you get to read new blogs, laugh, cry, give and get lots of love. Comments are the new hug ya know!

WELCOME all- new and the old peeps. I am glad you are here.

Here is a little about me.

I am 30-something with a 30-something DH.

Married for almost 2 years, and TTC for a little over one year.

My ailments including, but not limited to: endometriosis, cysts (but NOT PCOS based on labs), incompetent cervix, IBS, Hypertension, overweight,migraine,poly cystic kidneys, neurogenic bladder with frequent UTIs and cystitis…. ANYTHING ELSE???

My DH(King.man): Pr.u.ne Be.l.l.y S.yndrome. Read about that HERE. He doesn’t have the duct work for the troopers to get out, thus he has Azoospermia– his troops are MIA!!

Our timeline is to the right. πŸ™‚

We have had a lot of testing- including one great normal cycle with normal labs for me…and normal labs for King.man, but abnormal ultrasound of male duct work.

We have not cycled at all- IVF with ICSI is our only hope.

We are currently waiting for an academic referral for King.man to get his little troopers rescued from the barracks with surgery. Our appt. is May 8th. Check back on us then to see how we are.

I am back on BCPs b/c of crazy ass periods and horrible pain from the endo.

That is US!

Random facts about me:
1. I am currently addicted to making Amish friendship bread. I keep giving myself the starters. I am making it and freezing it. YUMMY
2. I asked my RE if absolutely HAD to give up coffee and wine during stims. He laughed. I felt like an addict. (ps he said occasionally was fine.!)
3. I can’t go to bed without reading a little. Even a Sunday newspaper flyer will do
4. I can’t see in 3D. All these fancy new movies are lost on me. It sucks.
5. I have to take antibiotics every time I have sex. Ugh. If I forget- I get a UTI
6. I LOVE funny home movies. I can watch America’s Funniest Home videos all day.

phew. That is all for now- I hope that you all leave a little comment- stay and browse a while.



22 responses to “Happy ICLW

  1. Thanks for the cliff notes! πŸ™‚

    Your blog now has me craving dippin dots!

  2. I HAVE to read before bed too…it just relaxes my mind.

  3. Good luck with your hubby’s appointment on May 8th. I went back and read the posts about your husband’s condition and I think you did a fabulous job explaining it. Hope the rest of your IF journey is smooth.


  4. Thanks for the introduction! I look forward to reading more about you πŸ™‚ I get bad UTIs, too, and have to have an antibiotic. really kills the mood sometimes, doesn’t it?!

    Happy ICLW

  5. Even if it is just a few pages, I must read before bed, too!

    Good luck with your appointment on the 8th– I’m glad that May will be here soon!


  6. From ICLW:

    I love your foot notes, they’re both quirky and informative – a very difficult balance to strike *grin*

    I wish you and your king the very best (although it seems his MIA little soldiers should come forward for duty eh?)

    Will def come back again and again to see how it goes!


  7. Good luck for the 8th may. cant believe you have to take ab’s everytime you have sex. poor you!

  8. ninapintasantamaria

    Oh, babe. Good luck! I hope the IVF works! ICLW

  9. Mrz. Hannah Myhre

    Thanks for all the info:)
    Hope everything go’s great on your husbands appt. I also read your post about your husband dx. It was really informing..

    I also have “IC or Interstitial cystitis”. Sex got to a point of horrible pain and pain in general all the time through out the day. I had a procedure done to help it last year and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever did. Granted it hurt at first but the results was great. as you well know I’m sure there is no cure for IC, so I may have to have it done again sometime:(

    Oh and I love to read before bed too.. it put’s my mind at ease and helps me sleep better:) I hope you have a great day!!



  10. Hey girl! What is Amish Friendship Bread and how do I get to be a part of it?

  11. I am also a nighttime reader. I’m never sure which is worse… falling asleep reading (with my glasses on) or getting so absorbed in the book that I can’t sleep. πŸ™‚

    Happy ICLW!

  12. I also love funny videos. Sundays are my favorite because that’s when the new episodes come on :o)


  13. Good luck at your appointment!

    (oh and GOD YES, I love dipping dots.

  14. Parenthood For Me

    I love your army related analogies. Funny.

  15. Beautiful Mess

    I did the UTI thing, as well. It sucks! There is no such thing as spontaneous sex around here. I’ve found that cranberry pills work best for me. Although I’m sure you’ve tried EVERYTHING. Good luck on May 8th. I’m going to come back and check up on ya ;o)
    Happy ICLW

  16. Thanks for the intro – I have to read before going to bed as well!


  17. I am intrigued by Amish friendship bread, and inspired by your fight despite the obstacles. Looking forward to reading more, and good luck on May 8th.

    Happy ICLW!

  18. Lorza, thanks for backing up and telling more of your story. I learned a few new tidbits, like the antibiotics vs risking a UTI. Ugh. You have my sympathy! As if Endo isn’t bad enough.

    GL for your Dh’s upcoming appointment. Sounds like great progress to me. Hopefully IVF/ICSI is not too far off in your future.

  19. Fashionably Infertile

    Hey you! Happy ICLW! Thank you for all your support and hugs. It has made blogging so much easier. I just wrote a long post (this is the 2nd time tonight this happened) and my computer got stuck and I lost it. Anyway, I honestly did not know you suffered that bad from UTI’s! I thought endo was bad enough. Ugh! I am so sorry. I am keeping my fingers crossed for DH’s upcoming appointment.

  20. itsazooaroundhere

    Loved your random thoughts…even though I don’t do ICLW you know I always check in on you πŸ™‚

  21. Happy ICLW….I love the dippind dotd photo πŸ™‚ Good luck on May 8th!!

  22. Happy ICLW! Sending good vibes for your appt on the 8th.

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