A New Job??

This is just too funny. Given my history this is apropos….or however you say it.

I feel I could be the Dean of UTI. I pretty much have my PhD in UTI.

Job Requirements::
*Minimum: 4 UTIs a year
*Ability to self diagnose based on symptoms
*Have spousal support that tosses you your MacroDantin in a post coital race against the clock.

*Possible drug resistance to abx
*strong immunity otherwise secondary to 1000mg cranberry extract taken a day.

Job Advancement Opportunities:
*Pylonephritis Instructor
*Urosepsis Instructor
*High Risk Pregnancy Instructor

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7 responses to “A New Job??

  1. Doesn’t sound like a very fun job.

  2. recurrent utis suck!

  3. LOL I always see that commercial and think the same thing! The college I graduated from is Trident Technical College. TTC. Wish I could graduate from both TTCs! LOL

  4. This is one job I don’t want to apply for, no matter what happens with the economy!! (ICLW)

  5. Somewhat Ordinary


  6. So I wonder what an UTI instructor does then? Does he teach people how to get UTIs?? I think they should have thought out those initals before they named the school!

  7. That looks like something that Jay Leno would have on his segment of print ads that have gone array! Sounds like you are well qualified for the job – yuck!


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