Hiatus Interuptus

Okay, after my last super long post I haven’t clicked a single button on the computer. I am did a losey job on ICLW. I just didn’t have it in me. For two days after my Dr. appt. I just hung out around the house. Blah. I really don’t have much of an excuse other than I was spent, and needed to recuperate.

I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful words of sympathy and encouragement after my last post. I haven’t been getting on my blog on the big computer, but it is nice to get the emails via Crac.kberry. This is such a wonderful world of bloggers. I love you all. I am tearing up thinking about it- and i am not even hormonal!

I am pleased to say I am doing MUCH better. THANK GOD. I am dreading my next period time., but hopefully it will be less b/c I am skipping the placebos.

Here is the funny part. Well, ironic/just my luck part. I have a renewed desire to lose at least 10 pounds before my Hawaii Trip (TOTALLY DO-ABLE!). I really did well on the walking/ elliptical and meeting with my trainer. Then Wednesday happened. I was having to re-learn how to do Cleans as I haven’t done them in a while. I was using a 45# free weight bar. This was the last weight I was on…and obviously I have regressed.

SIDE NOTE: My lower back pops a lot on a normal, and I have had episodes of back pain a lot over the years. I mean come on I was an ER and ICU nurse. We all compromise and use poor body mechanics even if we know better. It happens.

So I was doing the cleans wrong and my trainer “ShitBrickHouseSBH” (as in build like one) kept having to correct me until I finally got it. Somewhere in there I felt a pull/pop. Not unusual for me. I pop a lot during weight training. Even my fingers will pop. SBH and I laugh about it- say I am just a gassy person..even in my joint.

(I promise this story has a point)

As I am leaving the gym I step off the curb and I feel it. The weight on my feet start killing my back. I have to go to my husbands work, and I made a fatal mistake. I wore heels (wedge type heels). Three hours in his office hobnobbing with drug reps and hospice social workers did me in.(They are my friends, thats why I went)So I go home- Ice it, take ibuprofen and do more stretches. Nothing really helped.

My husband ALSO found out that he FAILED the test we went to Chicago to take. He got a near perfect score on the written section, but for some reason they failed him on his oral part. I think they just want him to pay the 1500 to take it again. WHATEV! It isn’t like he needed it- it was just more letters behind his name. Come to find out the pass rate on the first round of testing is less than 30%. That is just wrong. Second round testing is like 85%. See what I mean?!?! Crazy. At least we had fun in Chi-town and I met Blossom!!

OMG– get distracted much? Sorry, so- the point of THAT detour was to say that my husband wanted to go out to eat that night, drink a few. So I had to drive.no booze or muscle relaxers for. By the time I finally made it home Wedn. I hardly could stand up straight. I took an A.M.R.I.X which is a long acting muscle relaxer. My husband had some samples from when he hurt his back last fall. They didn’t help. I was just doped up and slept in the SAME position for about 10 hours.

Thursday I had to work, help pass out T-Shirts for Kaps For Kids (R.ona.ld Mc.Don.ald H.ouse)….and that consisted of hauling large heavy boxes and bending over to read orders, etc. I shouldn’t have done it. THEN I had to go to a drug rep dinner and learn about P.la.vix treatment in stroke patients. (um, obviously for my DH- but was interesting) By the time I made it home I was about ready to go to the ER..but I refuse unless I am missing a limb or unconscious. Ice and ibuprofen where not helping. Um, needless to say it was my busiest day in a long time..when it should have been resting at home day.

I waited until Friday to go to the clinic where I work to get seen. I got a wonderful shot of To.r.a.dol (aka Best freakin‘ thing ever), steroid dose pack and T3s- which apparently give me insomnia whilst unable to keep my eyes open. Weird huh?

I have been scheduled for Physical Therapy. Yet, interestingly enough no x-ray. I follow up with my primary on Monday…we shall see what goes down.

I finally feel better today. PHEW! I can tell the steroids are helping…and of course the Tylenol with codeine also.

Husband is awake now….must go figure out breakfast!!

4 responses to “Hiatus Interuptus

  1. Me oh my. I’m sorry that you’re in such pain. Hoping that the drugs kick in and that the PT works. Wish you lived over here, then you could see my little sister (she’s graduating with a DPT in 2 weeks)!

  2. ninapintasantamaria

    Owwwwwww! I hope you feel better. See a good neuro-surgeon if things don’t improve. Most of us nurses end up needing fusions/laminectomies because we refuse to ask for help. (Dammit, where are those techs? Oh well, I’ll just do it myself.)

  3. Ouch! I’m glad you are getting some relief and I hope that the physical therapy really helps you get better and stronger.

  4. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks very much for your kind comment. I have to keep reminding myself that we put ourselves through this so there is a baby at the end of it all. Positive thinking and all! lol

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