One Step Closer..almost..

Well, this Friday we have our referrals. Again. 🙂

We are going up to the Academic center for our urology referral to find out when the POW/MIA retrieval mission will happen. I think as far as that goes the limiting factors will just be time.

We need to time it based on :

  • the urologists surgical schedule
  • my husband’s work schedule
  • our trip to Hawai’i
  • my hopeful weight loss if we do a cycle at the same time

The urology dept. called to verify’s insurance and to inform us that we are total self pay. Ugh. I hate that word. Makes me feel like I am to stupid to have the right insurance to cover infertility. The tab is starting. Perhaps I should make a sidebar underneath my timeline to keep track of it all.

Academic Urology Consult: $111. (Yes, really 111. Not 110 or 115..or even something even. 111)

MESA (if that is what UroGod decides how to liberate the troops): $3500 (including all anesthesia, OR room, etc. I think that is pretty good or an I delustional?)

I also have the Academic second RE consult tomorrow. I am lucky to LOVE my local RE, but they are just more expensive. To the tune of about $2500 a cycle. SO, that is why I am meeting with the Academic RE that is down the hall from UroGod. I figure if we can do it all in one place that is cheaper..maybe it will save money.

The Academic Center is hours from my house- and not a day trip either. I am blessed to have plenty of family and friends I could crash with up there if we cycle there. I have not made up my mind, and it may not even be an option. I do know that I spent about 20-30 minutes on the phone with the embryologist at the academic center last month and already love him.

I know I am still far off from actually doing anything- but it is nice to get to the next step. I have been following along long enough to see my bloggy friends through numerous cycles. Some good, some heartbreaking. Sometimes things go to fast, others to slow. I am glad that things are just GOING. I am blessed to be able to keep on going.

My back is doing better- I am in PT and it is going great. No exercising for 2 weeks. hum…in 3.5 we are going to Hawaii so I guess I am going to fat and sassy in Hawaii!! 🙂 Love it!

Wanna hear daily dose of Karma? At the fundraiser that I totally killed my back over I bid on a few things for a silent auction to get the prices up….you know to get bids going, etc. 🙂 I did very well, except on ONE THING. I was the opening and closing bid.

$100…tax deductible to the Ron.a.l.d M.c Don.ald House.

FOR……6 weeks for 4 days a week of BOOT CAMP. Yes….BOOT FREAKIN‘ CAMP. Are you effin‘ kidding me? Me!?!?! Who has lifting restrictions currently of 10 pounds by a doctor? No repetitive bending or stooping. No standing or sitting for longer than 60 minutes without 10 minutes of stretching?!? OMG.

Obviously the first thing I did was call and ask when it expires. I have to get my back healthy first!!! Considering I originally ‘tweaked’ my back working out doing Cleans, AND THEN finished it off slinging boxes and said fundraiser. The certificate expires 12/2009 so I have plenty of time.

The plus side is that this will help REALLY get me into shape. I mean 1 hour day- 4 days a week…for 6 effin weeks?!?!? Who wouldn’t get into shape. Second plus side? The package also came with a free one hour massage. 🙂 I am totally going to use that waaaaaaaayyyy before I do the boot camp.



4 responses to “One Step Closer..almost..

  1. itsazooaroundhere

    Hello! I’m glad your back is feeling a little bit better, I hope it improves quickly. Sorry you are self-pay, but don’t feel bad! Seems like most of us are. I will definitely keep the Lupron Depot for you, just let me know.

    Good luck at the appointment tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for PROGRESS…it is slow, but little by little is the only way to do it, it seems.

    Congrats on the silent auction winnings! I’ve gotten into waaay too much trouble at those things, especially when they are serving lots of wine while bidding! The boot camp with massage sounds like a fabulous deal!!

  2. LOL! YES- Wine is definately a culprit. That is also how we got our Hawaii vacation!! WHICH, I found out today is a time share. Um, coulda mentioned that!

  3. Karma can be such a b*tch. At least you got a massage out of it!

    The price you were quoted for MESA is great. Dr. Schlegel at Cornell in NYC asks $9,800 and that’s without the hospital fee and anesthesia fee. He’s the best, but incredibly expensive. Another urologist outside NYC charges just over $4,000.

    Good luck with’s procedure, and your upcoming cycle. We are self-pay too. It does suck. Big time.

  4. These costs are insane. I spent a good portion of yesterday updating our records and am afraid to add up the total out of pocket costs – and we haven’t even gotten to the part where we start cycling. I’ve thought about keeping a running tab on my blog, but don’t want to scare anyone off! But you know, it does seem like the kind of thing that would be helpful to see what others are paying…

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