TLC for Azoo.

Who doesn’t need some TLC? Doesn’t everyone love a little extra luxury?

Have you ever had achy muscles and got the lavender smelling heat pack? Sure, lavender is supposed to help penetrate deep into the muscles- but personally I think it is that we like to have the little something extra that sweet smell gives us.

We like to be pampered. We like to have products to help us reach that point…we like to think there are SPECIFIC things that will help cure our problems.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN affected by Azoo and other MFI:

I introduce a simple luxury- not proven to so anything other than make you laugh…..who knows what else it claims to do…I don’t even know what language this is written (methinks German? Damn my puny under-educated American mind).

Lets make up our own captions.

I currently am going with “Troops down and out? Trapped or otherwise MIA? Use Eire-Shampoo to waken them up. They will come marching home on waves of bubbles”

7 responses to “TLC for Azoo.

  1. OMG! The literal transaltion is: “Eggs Shampoo – for manners at the best age”

    So, I’m thinking it’s “Balls Shampoo – be ready at the right time”

  2. A Few Good Sperm

    OMG! I needed a laugh! That is so funny!

  3. Blossom and Her Fruit

    Barf! Like i needed to see soapy balls, L. HAAAAAAAAA

  4. He he! I love it. That is sooo funny! I wish I could think up funny captions, but my mind is simply blank with wonder at this product.

  5. Haha! At least you won’t ever have to worry about sneaky balls!

  6. Hi Lorza,

    Great funny post. Thanks for sharing it.

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  7. That is so funny– thanks for the laugh!

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