Overheard…at Wal-Mart

Things over heard yesterday at Wal-Mart:

“Just tell him eat it…well then shove it in his mouth and make him chew….So? Mouth wounds heal fast” young mother on her cell phone. ???

“I think I should be able to buy what I want- WIC shouldn’t tell me what is good for my child” (peeked in her cart and she had beer, pig’s feet and K.Y. “Intimate Lube” WTF???)

“We can make baby food SO much cheaper. Only it has to be organic, you know? Let’s go look in the garden dept.” (i can’t comment as I don’t have kids…but the Father was about in tears, and looked longingly at the nice little jars he was leaving behind…but he went along right behind the Mother)

Last but not least….overheard in the paper products aisle in front of the toilet paper:

“I think we have saved money in the last week using wash clothes instead. We just have to only go to the bathroom at most 2 times a day”


7 responses to “Overheard…at Wal-Mart

  1. A Few Good Sperm

    Yuck! I’d have given them $5 to buy some toilet paper!

  2. Mrz. Hannah Myhre

    SORRY but “all that” is just crazyness to me..ha

  3. I swear the people at Wal-Mart are just a different kind. My dad works there and says it’s amazing what a “woman” can do with poo in the restroom.

  4. Christina- I totally agree. It is honestly entertainment to go there and people watch. Your father must have patience of Job to put up with the eclectic group of W.M. Shoppers!

  5. oh gross, really I know times are tight for lots of people but that is seriosuly disgusting

  6. Somewhat Ordinary

    Sounds like a Wal Mart is a Wal Mart is a Wal Mart! It doesn’t matter what one you go to you are bound to come out with some interesting stories to tell!

    You hear about people wiping their asses with wash clothes and I get escorted out because of a crazy woman-hater!

  7. I’ll never look at a stack of washcloths the same way again…. Thanks for the laugh!

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