Thoughtful Thursday (Death Mentioned)

I am so sad to say that little Kayleigh is gone. Read about her story, and leave Aimee and Adam some words of encouragement. If you have a few dollars- donate to them. They have been through so much.

I first found her website back in February- I was VERY touched. I have been following for a while, and just found out about her death yesterday. I saw a trailer to the show “The Doctors“, and the couple on they had on the show to talk about medical insurance and medical/financial problems looked familiar- their story was familiar.

It was one of those things like a nurse seeing a co-worker at the grocery store. You don’t recognize them “in real clothes”. I didn’t recognize Aimee and Adam’s faces.

The saddest thing is that the show was taped before she passed away- and it aired two days after her death. I cried and cried.

Their story is so absolutely amazing. Even if you don’t click over to the shows website- please go give them some love.

They also have two other children (Allyson and Brandon)- they all need your prayers. Please click HERE to see about a prayer map they were making for Kayleigh. I am sure they would still love the photos.

Thank you all.


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