Unabridged Plan

Okay, a week ago we were off getting our second opinions. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write this post- what is wrong with me?!?!

Our first appt was with the new RE and IVF clinic. The doctor that we are ‘assigned’ to is awesome. He was telling us about himself (sounds egotistical, but it really wasn’t- everyone always wants to know their doctor’s experience). He said that he was out of academic medicine for 20 years, and in that time he worked in Boston at a huge IVF facility. We talked a minute about how fertility treatments are utilized more up there b/c it is covered under insurance, and he explained that b/c of that he has A LOT of experience. He said during the time at the Mass. clinic he did around 5000-6000 cycles. OMG! Hence the new name Dr. 5000. He has been back at the hospital I am going to for about 4 years, and has done a lot of cycle there,but no where near what he did in MA.

He did a great job of explaining everything, and even went into the explaining the attrition rate to King.man- who is really having a hard time with ‘creating life’ that we may not transfer. He is even getting worried about the little embies that might not make it. He is a serious ‘pro life’ person- not because of religious convictions really…just b/c that is who he is. I love him for it- but I swear I am not having 10 kids b/c that is how many eggs fertilize and make it to a transferable state.

Dr. 5000 explained that the eggs retrieved were eggs “rescued” for that cycle, and that normally would have passed their shelf life that cycle without stimulation. For some reason that helped King.man feel better. Dr. 5000 also explained how you might retrieve 20 eggs, have 11 mature, 6 fertilized and only 3 divide properly. DH is feeling more at peace that he isn’t going to be responsible for letting an entire football team of potential children wither in a petri dish.

Moving right along- from the RE stand point he is confident I will have a good cycle. (he first consulted his Magic 8 ball) I have read enough blogs, and done enough research to not ‘KNOW’ it will work on the first cycle. It is nice that he thinks so though! He doesn’t want to do anymore testing until we decide to cycle. I am already on BCPs so that is good. He isn’t concerned about the worsening endo pain at the moment- if after 3 months on BCPs ( I am going onto month three) I still have the same pain then we will do a lap.

I am pleased to say this is my second BCP period and it is SO MUCH BETTER!!! WOO HOOOO!!! Minimal cramping- totally knocked out with ibuprofen. A lot less bloating, etc. I am doing a lot better on the BCPs. Thank God.

Dr. 5000 said to call after we have King.man’s evacuation of the troops. Um, okay- not exactly like that. I paraphrase. Then we will cycle. He doesn’t want to do cycle at the time for DH’s retrieval just in case the don’t get anything- that would be a huge waste of money. I now agree.

Dr. 5000 and my husband chatted for a while about work type stuff…and then the doc gave us his card with is cell phone number on it, and got ours. Crazy- talk about personal care. Times like this the guilt I have about getting a little preferential treatment goes out the window….kinda. I still feel bad, but I am glad for it at the same time. He said that we could call anytime, and even if he wasn’t on call if he was in town he would come in for all our stuff. πŸ™‚
Appointment was great. I am now passing up the opportunity to cycle at a clinic literally 5 minutes from my house to go to one 4.5 hours away. Am I crazy? I don’t think so- I ‘feel’ better about it, and I like their stats. Plus it is cheaper.

Next- UroGod appointment later that day. Um….lets just say my DH didn’t do his homework like he was supposed to about the different procedures (MESA,TESE,TESA– etc.etc.) like I told him to…and gave him books and handouts to read about it. UroGod is surprisingly YOUNG to be so accomplished. I guess it is all relative as I am not a spring chicken anymore.
He wanted to repeat a Prolactin and SA on DH. (HA HA HA) Apparently King.man’s Prolact. was 21. Not super high, but just enough to get retested. Of course they wanted to confirm the azoospermia. More on that later.

UroGod’s plan is to take King.man in under general anesthesia and do a biopsy with the embryologist at the bedside with a microscope to look at the sample then and there. THEN they will go further if they need to to get more. UroGod felt that would be the end result b/c they would want to get a bunch of troopers so they don’t have to do this again. MAKES SENSE RIGHT?!?!??! DH nodded and agreed…no questions…call us when you want to schedule the surgery. UroGod also wants us to see Genetics for counseling b/c of DH’s P.B.S. We have that appt. on the books for July 11. That was the first time my husband had free and the doctor we need to will be there on a Friday. (we can’t just pop up there mid week). They want all sorts of stuff including pictures of all immediate family members. Interesting huh?

We leave out of there with the lab slips for the PL and SA. DH starts questioning me. Why does he want to do it under general anesthesia- why is he immediately going to the most invasive-I think general is overkill- why doesn’t he do the biopsy and then we ‘go from there’. ALL the questions he should have asked UroGod. We are still in the building getting labs drawn and he says “we just need to explore our options, and see if this is really needed” “We need to have another appointment to talk to him about our options” Um, wasn’t that what this was? “We need to see if the risks are worth it, or if there is another way” Um, the risks of WHAT? and YES it is worth it….the other way would be donor sperm. Members of the Allied Forces will be brought in. UGH!!!!!

NOW comes the sample collection. We go to the IVF lab- get our two cups (one for nonexistent ejac., and one for urine.) and pointed to the room. Lets just say my germaphobic husband was standing in the middle of room scared to sit any where or touch anything. I had to lay down our FOLDER for him to sit on. πŸ™‚ I was curious about the material they had- we didn’t do this before b/c we did it at HOME! Okay. there were TWO tvs both with DVD/VHS. Not one single DVD or VHS tape. There were a total of TWO Pl.ay.b.oys. One from 2004, and one from an unknown period b/c my husband wouldn’t let me touch them. They were beyond well worn.

That was IT! There wasn’t even any cable. The worse part was the wall that the couch was on was directly below the metal turnstile that you stick your sample in and turn to go to the lab on the other side. You could hear EVERYTHING through that hole in the wall. Unbelievable.

He managed- just a testament that men are VERY LUCKY! There is no way I could have done that. πŸ™‚ We don’t know what the results are- or really even know when we will get the results.

SO-our plan right now is

  • Genetics consult July 11. Probably have to pay out the ass for testing.
  • S.perm retrieval somehow…sometime after Genetics consult (pending my husband coming to terms with having general anesthesia and surgery on his barracks. (manly bits)
  • Cycle…sometime after the previous two things happen.

I really don’t know when everything is going to happen, but we talked about it some and possible we will cycle in September…or around then. Who knows. I am begining to get comfy in this land of limbo.

Oh, and the fact that Femcon FE is 79/month is KILLING ME! I am really ticked about it.

KUDOS to you that have made it to the end. Thank you!


2 responses to “Unabridged Plan

  1. Isn’t it great going to a new doctor? I am glad he has a positive outlook for you guys…I do too!!
    I totally agree with your hubby’s pro-life ideas…and your post helped encourage me as well!! It was a little unnerving for me as well to think about that “football team” scenario! :o)

  2. There is something so reassuring about hearing that your Kingman, a doctor himself, had trouble asking all of his questions during the consult. Not that it makes you life any easier, but it makes me feel way better about my own behavior. I can barely get a word out when we meet with the Dr!

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