Weight Loss Blogging Style

Okay, show of hands who, in this blogosphere, hasn’t tried to lose some weight…Show of hands of who has TROUBLE doing it?

I know both of mine are up in the air….waving around like I DO CARE!!!

I just love food. It is hard. It is embarrassing when you tell people you are trying to lose it, and you don’t. Lets be supportive of each other- the ones that want to of course- and join (and cheer on) Mr. Shelby with his weight loss!
I am SO not good at the whole linking thing like I should be- you know the ones on the side? I mean for gosh’s sake I still have a BLOGGER GENERIC TEMPLATE!!! I will try to work on that later.


3 responses to “Weight Loss Blogging Style

  1. Blossom and Her Fruit

    Good luck with the weightloss. It is hard to do!!

  2. I’m happy you’ve joined us. Can’t wait to see how this goes!

    Mr. Shelby

  3. I put on a top this eve, getting ready to go out and realised it made me look about 6 months pregnant!! I wouldnt mind if I actually was pregnant!! I really need to lose weight! Good luck with the weight loss, it really is so hard to do.
    I will try to contact a nurse to find out if and when I should stop the pill. thanks. Nic

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