Home Sweet Home

ICLWers..WELCOME! Please check out THIS to find out more me….or look to the left hand side and there is a time line of our journey. thanks! I really need to dedicate a post to our history…woulda, shoulda, coulda…..mantra of my life.

now onto a FOR REAL LONG POST!! WOO HOOOO!!! She is back!!

Awwww. Home….with no plans to go anywhere for at least a month. PHEW! We actually have people coming to see us if you believe or not!

We totally thought when we moved to the beach people would flock down to see us. I mean, by everyone envious responses, I figured we would have to set out a schedule for visits. BWAAA HAA HAAA.

My mother has come down three times (which is huge for her to drive 4.5 hours by herself), and another couple has come down a total of two times. Granted- that particular couple rarely sees each other,and I understand why they just want to be home when he gets home on the weekends. (he works on the road M-T night).

It still blows. The ILs haven’t come….why I really don’t know. I think MIL said to DH that we hadn’t invited them down. Weeeeellll– I have- as in ANY TIME YOU WANT TO COME DOWN-JUST LET ME KNOW…so I can get off of work. I guess it needed to be “I want you to come down XXXX days) Ha ha ha. I wonder how many hits I will for a quadruple X entry. Google Analytics is such fun. I need to do a post like Murgdan. 🙂 I am scared to attempt- she is so friggin‘ funny and I would be like a opening act a comedy club compared to her. 🙂 LOL!!!

ANYWAYS- DH has invited the ILs down for 4th of July. Niiiiiice. Let me tell you- this is the first ‘married visit’ from the ILs and I am nervous. When DH was single the ILs would come twice a year, buy Costco or Sams Club out of all bulk nonperishables. Everything would get cleaned/purged/reorganized. Okay. I TOTALY would go for this if it was my mom….but the ILs get a little…um….invasive about stuff. Now that MY stuff is totally coexistin‘ with HIS stuff. This ain’t happening. Also b/c I am not the best house keeper. I have been guilty of Closet Stuffing and Drawer Stuffing. I admit it.

Then the next weekend our great friends…..we shall call them “The Campers” are coming down the weekend of the 11th. The 13th is King.man’s b’day (DH), and there is also a big to-do here in town that weekend. They have been down for it before, and loved it. I am going to have to do some serious reorganizing. Get the to be ironed clothes, suitcases, bags of already bought Christmas presents, and junk in general out of the guest bedroom. Blah.

King.man had his genetics appt. today. It went well, and it was actually pretty interesting. We had to fill out an extensive (so I thought) medical history on him. They wanted to know his head circumference at birth. WTF? Did they tell people that in mid 70s?!?!?

Obviously we DH’s history we had a lot of stuff on him. The paper asked simple vague questions about family members. We had to bring recent photos of all immediate family members (the ILs only b/c he is an only child). When we got in and talked to the 4th year med student (which my DH decided to tell her, this is the best year of her life, ever and to enjoy it b/c it all SUCKS for her from here on out…AHHHHHHHHH)….anyhoo….

She asked all sorts of crazy ass stuff…did his grandmother have any miscarriages, does his second cousin have any learning disabilities, any infertility in the family (like infertiles sit around the Thanksgiving table going, Could you pass the Deviled Eggs please? Speaking of eggs, how many did they retrieve at your last ER? Here is some Mayo- speaking of mayo- does your husband ejaculate?

HONESTLY!!!! We were informed that the diagnosis of Azoospermia is not correct. DH actually has anejactulation b/c nothing comes out at all. Azoo is for when there is no sperm production. So they say….That would mean for Azoo to exist as THEY say, you couldn’t get it from MESA, TESA or VooDoo. 🙂

Potato, potato….it is all the same typed out huh? You get the drift.

SO, the doc was really nice other than that. He asked us what we knew about PBS (ha ha ha), and it’s relationship to our fertility. Then he explained what he knew, and why he was giving that information (VERY huge to my husband- if you say “this is black” He wants to know HOW you know it black. He is an evidenced based practicing physician to the bone).

The doc was very knowledgeable, and even articles on PBS and fertility/ IVF/ICSI cases for us to read. (TOTALLY COOL!)

The verdict is this:
Research is unsure if PBS is genetic or environment, or just spontaneous. A few cases of familial recurrence has happened, but for the mostly not. He said he can’t give a 0% risk…but he said our risk to pass it down falls in their 3% prediction rate of all pregnancies for birth defect or other problems. Meaning even if DH didn’t have PBS we would have a 3% change of having a child with something wrong with it. Apparently everyone has a 3% change. (as far as a Geneticist is concerned)

He is concerned about the absence of seminal vesicles and vas defrens. He wants DH to get checked for being Cystic Fibrosis gene carrier. He also recommended that do get tested to see if I carried the gene also. Hummm…this is where we have to talk hard. DH’s test will be covered under insurance b/c it is a diagnostic test. Mine on the other had will be totally out of pocket. There are currently over 1000 different mutations of the CF gene….a test for ALL of them is 3000 dollars. WTF? He said there are many different ones you can get- with the cheapest being around 300 bucks that test for 28 of the most common CF mutations.

Holy crap. I can see DH getting it done to see if that is what caused his non seminal v’s and v defrens….but, do I need it? Just think- if he just just produce that one tablespoon full of troopers we would be blissfully unaware and just getting knocked up uninformed and we would get what we get.

What if one of us is carrier for the gene? Then what? No biological kids b/c we might pass on a carrier gene that may or may not become active CF? I just don’t know. Part of me says- run DH’s diagnostic test, and leave the rest up to the powers that be. I will get what I get. What is next- test the blast’s chromosomes to only have a specific sex b/c PBS is more prevalent in males…so we only have girls?!?!

This is a grey area for me. DH is surprisingly nervous. He thinks we should get it and if either of us are carriers- we don’t to the IVF/ICSI. Speaking of which- he said it again in the Dr’s office “They want to do IVF/ICSI, but we still have decisions to make as to what we are going to do”

WTF? I let it go. We will talk about that later once I get my stomach out of my shoes.

SO- overall good report of Genetics today (although he did say DH had a big head…and small ears.:) I said it is b/c his brain is so big…and he never uses his ears so the are atrophied. 🙂 He got a kick outta that.

That is about it. I will do some major commenting tomorrow-I have several days worth to catch up on!!!!!

THANK YOU if you made it this far. 🙂

8 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Wow…that sure is a lot to take in!! I know what you mean about the genetic testing…I figure if we'd just gotten preggo on our own…we'd have to deal with whatever got thrown our way…

    I'm glad that doctor was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything! :o)

    Good luck!

  2. ninapintasantamaria

    Wow. What a lot of information. Glad for the good report, though! Good luck!

  3. Love the atrophied ears comment…That is CLASSIC!!!
    Good luck with all of the testing!!

  4. My DH and I moved near the beach, too, nearly three years ago and only one friend has ever come to visit for more than a few hours. And she only came because she missed our wedding and felt like she had to make up for it. Most of our friends and siblings have kids, so we're the most portable couple in our social circle, so we do all the traveling so all the kids can stay home.

    That will all change when (see how optimistic I am? I said "when") we have kids. Then, people will flock to us (and I include you in that as well). We'll be begging them to stay away.

    Anyhow, I'm new to your blog, but wanted to say howdy and wish you well.


  5. unquestionablelove

    Wow, seems like you have a lot to ponder! I hope you guys are able to come to a decision. Crazy to think about all of the people who get pg without thinking twice about any of this, huh?


  6. Wow, you guys got a lot of information and it sounds like a great doctor.
    My RE that we went to would only do IVF if we had the CF tests. I did mine first and when it was negative he said that Josh didn't even need to go.

  7. That is a lot of info to process. No wonder your stomach was in your shoes!

    We had to do the CF tests before they'd do IVF at my clinic. We also did the karyotyping tests. These types of tests are terrifying. Hugs.


  8. Both parents have to be carriers of the CF gene before the disease will manifest itself in a child. I would have hubby tested (since it is paid for by insurance). If it comes up postive also have yourself tested. If hubby's comes up negative, don't worry about it.

    Good luck!

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