Pee Sticks.**UPDATE**

So I am cleaning and purging in my extra bathroom b/c we are actually going to have guests….I need to organize it…so it is functional and not just extra cabinets where I put the extra soap, toothpaste and panty liners from Sam’s club…that I forget I have b/c I NEVER go in there…and end up buying more. In Bulk.

Can you say CRAMPED?!? LOL

So, I run across a Walgreen’s box of EARLY RESULT Pregnancy tests. Box of three…one missing. This was back when I was exceptional delusional and thought we could get pregnant without assistance (even though I really knew it wouldn’t work). My periods were going crazy- I had went almost three months without a period. I had gained weight, I was moody. I just knew I was going to get a BFP– although at that time I had no clue what a BFP stood for……

How naive was I? The sad part is that I was going to offer them for free on here, until I realized that the expiration date on the them is JULY 2009!!

How sad. They have been in there that long…..and only one used. Ugh. Off to clean some more.

They are 2009- so they expire in one month…I guess they are still good. I will hold them for a while if anyone wants them…I will send them out. Just let me know! Use at your own risk. šŸ™‚

5 responses to “Pee Sticks.**UPDATE**

  1. 2009? Or 2008? Either way…I still hate to buy in bulk because I keep thinking we'll get pregnant this cycle and we won't need the 100 pack of OPK's. I think the day I switched over to the dollar store pregnancy tests, I realized that it may have sunk in (in a different way) that we have been doing this waaay too long. Yet I still can't sign up for more than 3 months for Fertility Friend…guess there is some denial there.
    Sorry for the super-long comment šŸ™‚

  2. Wishing 4 One

    I used to store Costco stuff in our extra bathroom when i back in the USA. So i feel you on double buying and in bulk. I hope someone can use those peesticks, at their own risk of course.

  3. ninapintasantamaria

    I used 8 confirming this pregnancy. I think I've met my quota for the year.

  4. Blossom and Her Fruit

    you can use them expired for a while. just hold on to them. you can use them to test when the hcg leaves your system later.

    thanks for your note. we move tomorrow but we'll forward the mail only next week. you are so sweet.

  5. Wow I would have peed on those bad boys just because. I can't resist peeing on a stick, even if I KNOW there's no chance I could be knocked up!

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