Okay- I normally DON’T mingle my IRL friends with my IF stuff…but I am going to do this as Anonymously as I can. 🙂

I have a, who we will call Jami. Because that is her name…and she isn’t in hiding. 🙂

Jami has two children, and is looking to adopt a child. She has always felt the desire in her heart for adoption. I got an email from her this past week announcing that she is going over to the Ukraine on a Mission Trip with the Lifeline.

They have to raise the money for the trip themselves, and they are working together to come up with the money. They are currently auctioning off a beautiful dress on the blog, and will be auctioning off more stuff. If you have any ideas for fund raisers, etc. Please let them know. I really appreciate it. I just KNOW Jami’s third child is out there waiting for her- Jami just needs help getting to her(or him).

This is in no a hoax or scam. I went to college with Jami, slept at her house, and was in her wedding.

At least go over to the blog– read the story and give some love. If you are a praying sort- say prayers. If not- send lots of love and support their way.

I really appreciate it…I just ask that you don’t use my blog name if you can remember. I am trying to stay as sheltered from IRL people right now as I can on my blog per my husbands request. 🙂 Although the world wouldn’t end if Jami figured it out….I trust her completely.


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