We went up last weekend for our genetics appt., and we stayed with some friends-The Campers. I am giving them an official title here in my blog b/c I am SURE I will be talking about them more..and it will just get confusing I think.

They got married about two months before us, but so far no plans of word of kids actually. These are our “party friends”. We party at our favorite hometown bar with them to watch the Superbowl, Stanley Cup, heck…we would get together for draft beer and hot wings to watch grass grow if we could. 🙂 These are the friends that went with us to our favorite bar at 1030 A.M. to get good seats for the SuperBowl…yes, we were aware the party didn’t start until THE EVENING!!! LOL

Okay point of this post- this last weekend we were talking about our IF journey. They know some, not all- but heck- we had to tell them something b/c we keep having doctor’s appointments up there (4 hours from our house). 🙂 So we were talking and she said that they were going to start trying in December. That is cool. I am praying they get pg right away, and in no way have to go through what we are going through.

I thought for about 10seconds “I better get pg first!!!” I let it go in my mind. If our IVF in the fall doesn’t work that is a possibility.

THEN I talked to another friend-my very bestest friend in the world…lets call her Miss Sweetness- b/c she just is! I was updating her on the IF stuff (she knows it all, and has this blog addy- may be to busy to read it though)..and she said she really hoped I was pg by december b/c that is when they are going to start trying.

I would be just as thrilled if Miss Sweetness got pg as probably I will be if I DO!! Okay, close second. This is my female other half. God made her especially for me. (okay, and probably her parents and her husband…maybe) I would not be mad or sad at her if she got pg before me….


I sure would suck if they BOTH get pregnant before me…in December of 2009…when we started the BEGINNING OF 2008!!


Please check out my previous post. I have an IRL friend in need. Thanks!!!


One response to “Thinking.

  1. Gotta love those party friends! I really hope you do get pregnant before your friends. At least one of them.

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