Life and Jewelry

My MIL’s trip here was wonderful. I really enjoyed having her here, and having the company. Of course we went out to eat- my husband looks for ANY REASON to eat at a restaurant. 🙂

My MIL gets three massages paid for by her work’s wellness programs- so after a long winter and long flight we decided she needed one. We looked at a bunch of different places, and she decided one because it was holistic, centered on healing—the whole body.
Okay, imagine this. City setting (albeit, small city…but city non the less), and as I turn down the residential street and look for the house number 1234 (she worked out of her house)….I see 1232, 1233, and then a JUNGLE. Seriously- a teeny small red woodchip driveway…(which I thought she said “red jeep in driveway..she had an accent) Overgrowth worthy of Lost. I pull into the ‘driveway’..and we STILL don’t see a house. I kind of saw a piece of wood. We hemmed and hawed- laughed and kinda got the creeps. I forgot to bring her number…so I was going to back out of the driveway to call DH) to get the number and clarify where we were supposed to go…besides the Land of the Lost.
As I am pulling out, we see the masseuse running out after us. Uh. Okay…apparently she was looking out for us b/c up the steps to her house a huge azz banana spider made a web….and she wanted to make sure WE didn’t hurt HER. Clue number one this was going to be interesting: as she helps us CRAWL under the spider web- she says “I need to have another conversation with her later and tell her she just can’t weave her web here” um. Okay.
The house was cool- kind of a tree house in the jungle. Turns out her acre of land has never been landscaped or trimmed (NO KIDDING!!!) It is a nature preserve of the state. Wow.
MIL was a little nervous so I stayed. In the waiting room. Consisting of two hard as hell wooden chairs, a huge doll house, and two Body + Spirit magazines. She was in there for 2 hours. o. m. g.
Apparently she had to get her aura cleansed. Has anyone ever done this? Neither had my MIL- she said that it consisted of getting her feet lifted up off the bed to “pour out the toxins” from her feet that settle there…and the lady rolling her hands and flinging away the bad stuff….think of Patty Cake, Patty Cake “roooooolll em up..and THROW it out the door” Poor thing- she said it was all she could do not to laugh.
She felt better after that. I was thinking of doing some Thai Yoga with this lady…but. I respect every one’s beliefs- don’t get me wrong…but this lady believes in the new age/holistic healing all the way. I respect that…but it is just not for me. I want to do Thai Yoga, and acupuncture, etc….but I have a really hard time with the idea that you have to put your chair in a certain place- and wear a crystal to ward off sinus infections.
sigh. Don’t hate me- that is just me.
ANYWAYS. We saw up- and that was awesome. My favorite part was where the boy (aka ‘Small Mailman’ says something like “Sometimes the boring things are the best”…or something similar to that. ALSO when the old man yells “I did not ask for ANY OF THIS!!”
How many times have we all wanted to yell that at someone? I do almost on a daily basis.
Alright…my friend Jami is having her yard sale this weekend to fund her trip to the Ukraine (go give her and her friend Aimee some love!!). My jewelry makin‘ is flying along. I have done a LOT!!! She wants to know how much to charge- but I have no clue. Any suggestions? Here are some pictures.

Memory wire bracelet with glass beads and real shells.
This is too freakin‘ cute.

Glass Lampwork beaded necklace with cutsie flower clasp. One of my favorites.

This is a glass work badge holder with a watch on the part you clip your badge on. I have one of these that I bought for 15 bucks and I LOVE IT!! I never have to worry about leaving my watch at home again. (I only use one at work for counting vitals)

Badge holder. Super cute glass beads, and I put a pink ribbon breast cancer charm on this one. 🙂
I forgot to take pictures of the eyeglasses holders I made also. They are SUPER CUTE! I had a pair of reading glasses that my mom left here a year ago, so I bought beads that compliment the glasses for the holder.
Love it!


One response to “Life and Jewelry

  1. Beautiful jewelry! I have no idea what it should sell for. Maybe check out etsy and see what similar things are going for?

    Too funny about MIL's aura and that lady! There are all sorts of people in this world, and you just never know what kind of person you will run into!

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