Mini Me

Just a quickie.

Had a great visit with my MIL. We went out to eat, to the beach, saw UP, and she got her aura cleansed. More on that later.

  • I had SO many new posts on my google reader to check today after I dropped her off at the airport. I now have insomnia b/c I am catching up with everyone.
  • Am SO EXCITED about Franks Cookies!!!
  • I have been busy the last two days making all sorts of bracelets, necklaces, reading glasses holders, and badge holders. WHY?!?!? I am know you are all just DYING to know why!!!

    I am making them for one of my best friends to sell at a yard sale. She and her friend Aimee are going to the Ukraine to an orphanage, and they have to raise money for the trip. CHECK IT OUT! I just want you guys to show some love. Just a hi. She is one of the chosen to have my IF blog addy- so she will know where the traffic is coming from. Thanks Ladies (and Gents)

    3 responses to “Mini Me

    1. I'm glad you shared your IF blog with your IRL friend. After directing people to her site, I was worried that she'd realize how many came from you!! (assuming she tracks her traffic). I hope it all goes as smoothly as can be for them!

      Please posts pics of your bracelets, necklaces, etc.!!!

    2. I am SO excited about Frank's cookies! 🙂

    3. I love making bracelets and necklaces! Post pics!
      Thanks for your sweet comment. Yahtzee and wine sounds great!! Maybe I shall do both tonight with DH! Only problem is the wine gives me a massive hot flush, oh well, may have to just wear a bikini and cope with the heat! Lol!
      Sorry you are down as well. IF is crap!

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