Bad Day.

Warning-cussing coming up.

I have gained a fucking 2 pounds since last month..Last month I had lost 4 pounds…but that was after 4 days of puking my G-D guts up….so I don’t think it was accurate. DAMMIT

Here is the fucking cake topper..(CAKE?!? Yummy!) ….I was standing in the line at the pharmacy to pick up a hamburger…JUST KIDDING- only seeing if you were paying attention…..

So I am in line and Mrs. Fucktard turns around and is noticablly eyeballing me. THEN she gives into the devil on her shoulder- GET THIS….puts her TROLL hands on my fat belly…RUBS it…and asks what my due date is, and I am such a cute mom to be.

O M G. The shock stunned me. I looked up at her and said “well, um, my due date is probablly next summmer sometime. If all goes well”

The look of realization that crossed over her face was priceless. I didn’t say another word. I couldn’t figure out if I felt like cussing,laugh,cry, or punch.


Aparently I have the “joys’ of a baby bump without a baby.

18 responses to “Bad Day.

  1. O. M. G.

    So unbelievable. Even if you were pregnant, that's rude.

    It happens to me quite a bit. (I carry all my weight in front). I've thought about getting a shirt that reads "Not Pregnant, Just Fat", but am not sure if I have the balls to wear it.

    I do know that they make shirts that read "Not Fat, Pregnant." Maybe mine could read "Fat and Pregnant."

  2. I am so sorry! That is really rude! Some people have no idea.

  3. OMG, WTF is right!! How awful! I mean, what do you say? What do you do? I like your answer and I hope she'll think before saying something like that to some one else. I have NEVER assumed pregnancy.

    UGH. Stupid Troll Hands Lady.

    PS- I thought the "L Understands" was so funny that I did it too.

    PSS- The word verification is "horni"

  4. I agree, that is sooo freaking rude even to do to someone that is expecting! I would have slapped the shit out of her!

  5. OMFG!!! Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. THAT is just wrong. I woulda hit her. I carry extra weight in my front and I catch people looking there. I catch people who know we are trying to presumably see if I am bigger…or it's changed…or whatever. But no one has pulled that on me (yet). OMG, your comeback was priceless. I coulda never come up with that.

  6. wow. people just suck.


  7. Scrambled Egg

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I mean, seriously, there are people that are THAT stupid in the world. Wow. First, never touch the belly of a stranger, period. Second, never assume pregnancy in anyone, period. Good lord!

    I think that your response to her was awesome. Although I think I may have had a few choice words.

    Word verification: youltle.
    See, the comment moderator is reaffirming you!

  8. wtf? Seriously, some people are so stupid. And even if a person is preggo – you don't go and touch strangers!! RUUUDE!!!

  9. I would have punched her. Pregnant or not, it is not okay to touch me without my consent. (And I am a violent biznatch.) Your method was probably more legal and still quite effective.

  10. Somewhat Ordinary

    O.M.G. You had to be at Wal Mart's pharmacy. Only something like that could have happened to you there!! I'm so, so, so sorry!

  11. itsazooaroundhere

    Unbelievable! People are so stupid. Sorry you had to deal with such an idiot!!

  12. Wow, unbelievable. That is ridiculously rude. Who does that?!? Even if you were 9 months pregnant, would you want some weirdo creeper in the pharmacy line rubbing your belly? Why do people think that's okay to do ANYTIME…

  13. A Few Good Sperm

    That is so bad! My sister had that experience once. She is thinner than me but the weight she does have is all in her belly.

    So she ran into an old highschool classmate and she said, "are you pregnant?" My sister said no. And the girl said, "Are you sure?" You'd think one foot in the mouth would have been enough. But actually rubbing the belly, that's just too much. I'm sorry.

  14. wow. ouch.

    I actually get that fairly often, too. It sucks.

  15. I'm so sorry the weight loss is so frustrating– I feel you.

    I can't believe that lady!! Your response was great. I would probably have said something really rude back about her impending face lift or tummy tuck.

  16. Lorza – found your way to your blog after you have left so many wonderful and supportive messages to me on mine.

    I cannot believe the gall of some people. To do that is just inexcusable and a horrifying invasion of personal space and privacy.

    This exact thing happened to me with a friend of my mother's (who I will not speak to now) and I stewed about it for months afterwards. I finally came up with a comeback that made me feel a tich better – next time (God forbid) someone does that to you, rub your hands on THEIR belly and ask them when THEY are due!!! Doesn't matter if they're grey haired or thin as a rail but I think they'll get the point don't cha think? So sorry honey…that sucks and I'm sorry you had to bear through it.

  17. Blossom and Her Fruit

    Holy crap, L. I've met you in person, and what was that girl thinking? I can't believe it. I would have just died. I am stunned. How horrible!!!

  18. OMG is right… but I do LOVE your response. I am not good, horrible actually, with quick comebacks in situations like that. Your reply was brilliant!

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