L Understands…..

Okay, I am sucker for stuff like this. I have stolen this from Sell Crazy Someplace Else. Too funny. This is not an information/update/IF talking post.

This is just for fun. Imagine. FUN!

Okay here goes: What to do- go to the google search page and type in your “(your name) understands…then see what pops up. I am not putting my real name on here..but I did search with my read name. This is just to cute. Kinda long…but I suppose I did this more for me than anything else. I had a blast laughing at these. Ya gotta do it. The ones at the end are great.

L understands, thus she remained, holding to a silver birch, leaning out a little toward the chasBoldm.
I think I understand an overuse of commas.:) I wonder what I understand here. Daredevil ism?

L understands the gesture, takes the pencil between her fingers.
Pencil? WTH is that? An archaic writing implement before computers?

L understands the chiropractic needs of the Glendale/Peoria residents.
I understand if they get their necks cracked wrong they can have a stroke. Seen it in a patients of my husbands. Not pretty.

L understands that entrusting somebody new to look after your children is a daunting prospect for any parent.
I can equate it to having someone come oer and water my plants when I am on vacation. Very nerve wracking.

L understands she has been tricked into serving Moon’s agenda.
The Moon’s agenda is to stay up all night…getting no sleep and fruitlessly looking for new posts on google reader, and watching old episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation. šŸ™‚

L understands how preposterous her “eyewitness account” sounds to others.
hummm…most be referring to my Wal-Mart trip. LOL!!!

L understands the importance of keeping energy flowing and healthy.
YUP!! It is called COFFEE. Keep it in the freezer in an airtight container. šŸ™‚

L understands what I want.
Oh yeah. If you are reading this blog…I KNOW what you want!

L understands Tom’s desire to escape and explains it to her mother.
Escape Witch Mountain? I wonder where he is escaping to…..I will have to ask my mother.

L understands that every one’s needs are different.
That is just awesome. DO I EVER….um, unless this particular ‘L’ is a madam. LOL!

L understands her multiple audiences, knows when and what to tell them.
**blushing** Awww- shucks. Thanks Google! I try.

L understands first hand how vitally important a positive attitude and sense of humor are towards overall health and well-being.
AMEN!!! This is so friggin’ true! WHY do you think I post Fail Blog pictures?!?

L understands, better than probably anyone you will ever know, just how dire is the plight of our civilization.
ESPECIALLY b/c it seems there are pregnant people EVERYWHERE. We are going to have to populate the moon soon.

L understands that, as a woman, her role in the revolution lies largely within the private realm.
That is why I blog. I am working in the IF revolution to obliterate silence and isolation.

L understands you.
I do. Especially if you are struggling with IF. I get it.

L understands that it’s better to have 20 unfinished projects than 20 unstarted projects, has a great laugh, and a wicked sense of humor.
Oh yeah. I have a box of scrap booking stuff, cross stitching, photo albums, beading supplies…oh the projects. My humor is a bit wicked…:)

L understands that no matter where you are in life, there is no better feeling than being proud of yourself and/or your work.
Too true, too true. What else can you say to that?!?!

Hope you enjoyed a little…if not- do it yourself and see why I had fun. šŸ™‚


2 responses to “L Understands…..

  1. That's pretty funny, I'll have to try it tomorrow.

  2. I would have had snarkier comments if my trip to the Pharmacy came first. LOL! Like "L understands the gesture and picked up her pencil" TO JAB IT IN THE TROLL'S EYEBALLS AND HEART!!!

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