I Love Me a BIG ONE

People. Get yo’ self some Big Ones. Get some of FRANK’S BIG ONES.

I got mine in the mail today, and they are ridiculously good.

My first impression was “DAMN- they are HEAVY”

Kym- you are one lucky lady.


This was a post that I thought I had lost…until I realized I put it one the WRONG DAMN BLOG. YIKES!! I try and keep my IRL blog and my IF blog seperate (so I can vent) I almost outted myself. YIKES.

Another point to note…about 10 minutes after I got my cookies. I got another knock on the door.

It was the “Eat This Not That” book I ordered to help with my weight loss.

Karma is a bitch.


9 responses to “I Love Me a BIG ONE

  1. Ha! Thanks for the smile!

  2. You cracked me up! Now all you have to do is put a cookie on one shoulder and the book on the other. Which one did you listen to?

  3. LOL…enjoy your cookies…you're burning them off at boot camp anyways!!! :o)

    My shots are going allright…still kindof painful, but no more bleeding…and no bruising thank goodness!!! Just waiting for good old AF to rear her ugly head (hopefully for the last time for…say…nine months??) :o)

  4. Awesome. 🙂

  5. oooh, a big one sounds great!! Enjoy! (You'll work it off later)


  6. oooh, a big one sounds great!! Enjoy! (You'll work it off later)


    I may have published this comment twice…

  7. bwahahahaha!! Tooo funny!
    BTW, bootcamp looks insane! You are so brave!

  8. lolol!! Perfect timing!

    Dang, those cookies look AMAZING.

  9. I say eat the cookies! So funny that the book arrived just after. That made me smile!
    ICLW (yeah, early – but I'm on bedrest!)

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