Cuddles Are Healing.

uh- sorry about yesterday’s total meltdown. Thankfully this is not a video blog. I think that if someone that isn’t IF experienced saw that they would have called for an intervention. THANK YOU ALL for all the sweet words and support. I am so very thankful that I have all you guys out there. All over the world. It is just an awesome feeling. {{HUGS}} back to each one of you!!!!

My eyes are actually still red lined. 🙂 But I am smiling today…pretty much (more on that later).

So I went to work yesterday and pretty much was all business (I am a nurse at a walk in clinic). My co-workers are sensitive to each other’s moods- they didn’t ask any questions. I LOVE MY JOB (most of the time)

The only sucky part of yesterday’s work was the fact I had to have a shadow- a new RN that was hired. She is super nice, but I was not in the mood to have to talk…explain, etc. I do have to say though, it is what snapped me out of it. You know that old saying “Fake it till you make it?” I had to fake it…for two hours while she shadowed me…and before I knew it I was out of my funk.

WOO HOOO!!!! Yeah for FAKING!! 🙂

After I got home my husband grabbed me and had me lay down and cuddle and talk. This is totally out of the ordinary. He is not really a cuddle person (damn it!). The funny part was we were talking about my funk, the IF, and babies. (cue the “awwwww” sound track please!)
Kingman: Do you think we will have a boy or girl?
Lorza: I didn’t know (I think girl, but wanted to see what he said..why- no clue, just do)
Kingman: I think we will have a girl. 🙂
Lorza: Why is that?
Kingman: Girls are easier.
Lorza: hysterical peels of laughter
Kingman: what? You don’t think so?
Lorza: NO! Hormones, boy craziness, make up, possibility of getting pregnant, paying for a wedding
Kingman:oh, I didn’t realize there was all of that involved.

oh dear.

Oh, it gets better!!!
(a little later, after talking of other things)

Kingman: Statistically- do you think there more men or women in prison?
Lorza: WTF?
Kingman: Do you think there are more men or women criminals?
Lorza: Probably more men criminals- I guess- I honestly have no idea. WHY?
Kingman: I want girls then. Less chance statistically I will ever have to look at them through the glass.

I can’t make this stuff up. The funny part is that he is SERIOUS!!! What do you say to that?!?!?!

I just had to laugh.

Of course later he was all rainbows and butterflies when he talked about how the sun in on it’s way out of the universe and it will take us all with it.
Kingman:Well, when the sun is dying it will expand slightly, getting hotter
Lorza:Which could account for “climate change”
Kingman:exactly. Then soon it will..
Lorza: (interrupting) Oh come on, you can’t mean you think the sun is going to ‘die’ any time soon.
Kingman: I would not be surprised if it did in our lifetime. I is a possibility. (said with a Barney Fife sniff type action)
Lorza: bwwwwwaaa haaa haaa haaa. I think you would be surprised. You would be dead!!!!!

ah. stimulating conversations we have huh?

I missed boot camp this morning b/c we ate at a thai resturant last night…and I got a horrific migraine. I took my two maxalts, ibuprofen, 40+ oz of water, ice packs to neck….I finally feel better at the present. DAMN IT.

He has one tonight at 6pm, so I think I will go to that one. 😉


10 responses to “Cuddles Are Healing.

  1. glad you are feeling better, but sucks about the migraine….the interesting thing about my migraines? they went away once I stopped birth control…..of course TTC caused different kinds of headaches LOL but the migraines disappeared. (I had them since i was 16…aka when i started birth control) crazy. any way, wanted to say that you are really lucky your DH sounds like a great guy. my DH thinks girls would be easier too….hahahaha

  2. what a sweet man!

    my hubby wants girls too – I think he wants to raise some kick ass female mixed martial artists. I wish I were kidding about that, but it's true.

  3. Glad that the migraine is finally going down. Stinks.

    JD's father put in an order for a girl (before we were married!) since he has 2 grandsons, but wants a granddaughter. I'm like, yeah, I'll get right on that.

  4. Sorry about the migraine, pleased you are feeling better.
    I couldn't stop laughing at the conversations, you couldnt make it up!! lol!

  5. I am so happy you are feeling better. I didn't have a chance to comment, but when I read your last post, my heart went out to you. ((HUGS))

    Your hubby is so cute!

  6. Ugh…its the worst when you have people shadowing you…I don't have "shadows" per se…just college students doing practicums…but sometimes you just want to stick with your routine and not have to worry about another body!

    Your husband is adorable!! Hooray for cuddle time!!!

  7. Aren't those sweet moments great?? So cute 🙂

    I too suffered from migraines that went away when I stopped bcp. But I am now wondering if they'll start up again now that I will be back on the pill…

  8. Happy ICLW

    Sometimes, it is those little comments that throw you for a loop and send you over the edge. At least that is how it is for me. Anyway, I am glad that faking it helped and you are feeling better.

    Your husband is too cute!

  9. just had to smile. what cute conversations.

  10. Most people seem to think that girls are easier when they're little and boys are easier as teenagers — criminal behavior not withstanding.


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