Boring Ole Update.

First off- thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments. I just love comments. Makes me feel all warm and suggly inside. Everytime I see my crackberry’s little red light flash I get giddy. tee heee. It is funny when I see four comments come through at once- but be lunch/breaktime/or home from work time. LOL!!!
If you are here for a last minute ICLW…click here to get to know me and our problem!!!!

Okay- so boot camp is going well. I made it through with AF, so I feel like I can do anything now! 🙂 Thank you all for cheering me on. Sunday I thought I about quitting b/c my calves STILL HURT. I just keep saying “babies, babies, babies” It gets me through.

This weekend was interesting. This is first weekend my husband and I have had at home…not working…and not traveling anywhere. It was kinda weird. I didn’t want to spend the whole time cleaning, etc..but Kingman didn’t want to do anything Saturday. There is only so much sitting and staring at each other I can do.

Saturday we had a work party to go to. One of the other guy’s in my husband’s office hosted it. BBQ, beer and friends. We had fun, and then after that we went down to a beach bar and acted like tourists. It was pretty cool b/c we got their early, and I am 99% sure I saw Jack Del Rio. Hubba hubba!! He left after the first set, and sat off to the side. I hate being all “star struck” and think people in the public eye like private “normal” nights….but I still would have loved an autograph or something. I a Steelers fan through and through, but heck- this was an NFL coach!!! That is pretty darn impressive!

Sunday was a partial lazy day-Kingman did some online continuing education….I started reading the first book in the Outlander series. I have 6 books to read by September!!! (best series EV-AH!) OH, if you like these series- go to the website. They are giving away 25 free books to 100 people!!! HOLY CRAP!! Go there, put your name on that list and I will love you forever if you give me one!!!

THEN we REALLY acted like tourists and went to a local Air Museum. It was awesomeIMAX, Flight Simulator, the whole nine yards. Headed on out to the place that we had our wedding reception at- a restaurant at a marina…and come to find out it has been sold and is totally different. Way more expensive, and hardly ANY healthy choices.

I totally blew the eating right this weekend. Fried dill pickles, bushwhackers,corona, kamikaze shots, cinnamon toast, broiled shrimp (sounds good, but it was served in a dish of butter!!!). UGH. Oh well, I am feeling FAT AND SASSY now!!

So, all that made boot camp HURT this AM. I am still having trouble with calves. The Sergeant(boot camp trainer) is good about amending my workouts so I don’t injure my calves more. I am doing great with ibuprofen, icing after working out, and heat with massage. I literally cried today doing my after work out stretches. The Sergeant said that is okay b/c I am stretching- but to ice as soon as I get home…then heat and massage.

I feel like a million bucks right now…but I don’t know how much of that is my ibuprofen, and how much is the ice, heat and massage.

That is all for now. Still awaiting the Cystic Fibrosis results. Kingman and I talked a lot about it this weekend, and I think he is getting over his fears. He is going to get the MESA/TESA or whatever it is in October. Almost a year since we first saw an RE. Ugh.

Of course all weekend my dear husband kept noticing the most ill behaved, whiny, bratty kids everywhere we went. Pointed each one out. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.


4 responses to “Boring Ole Update.

  1. Ugh…boot camp sounds so rough…but I'm so happy you're chugging through! I haven't been working out since I started injections and yesterday my sister and I walked around town for an hour and MY calves were sore!! I'm so weak. :o)

  2. Well done for getting through boot camp with AF. You are doing well, it will be worth it in the end when there is a baby at the end of it. That is what I keep telling myself!!

  3. Boot camp sounds insane! You are so brave to stick with it! AF sucks!!

  4. I LOOOOOOVE the Outlander series – yay for you for starting it! (I wish I could start it again…) Yes, the new book will be out soon, I'll be in line for that one 🙂
    Happy reading!

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