Holy crapsters people. I think we may have found a house. We love it..the price it right…love it….love it.

Please say some prayers for me people. My realtor said another couple want to go look at it. I hope they don’t like it….b/c we LOVE IT!!


10 responses to “House

  1. Oh, good luck!! I hope you get it!

  2. Oh my! Good luck on the house!

    Maybe you should sneak in, dressed up like ghosts, and scare away the other couple. =)

    Fingers crossed!

  3. good luck!!

  4. Good luck! I hope it works out for you!

  5. House hunting is so much fun….but its even better when you find "THE ONE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!!

  6. Good luck! House buying is so stressful

  7. House buying is a little stressful I guess…but I like Meg's idea about dressing up like ghosts!!! That'll seal the deal!!

    Espie was in the car…DH was too embarrassed to bring him in…LOL…so I snuggled him all the way home.

    I snuggled him while I was sleeping last night but I kept pushing his sound button and woke up to his barking several times…Hmmm…may have to rethink that one before we give it to a kiddo!!! :o)

    If this house doesn't work out…the right one will (I know that sounds like what everyone says right???)…DH and I looked for over a year and a half and put several offers on houses that didn't go through…now we are in a bigger house with a big yard that we never thought we'd get!!! (Hoping this one is it for you though!!!!!!!!!!!!) Keep us posted!!!

  8. Happy House thoughts coming your way! 😉

  9. Praying and hoping that everything works out!

  10. One Who Understands

    Wishing you the best. We just bought a new home in June. We put 8 offers in before we finally had this one accepted! It is a crazy market.

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