Home buying stress.

Stress. We went and looked at that house again yesterday afternoon to see it during the daylight and not during a monsoon. We stayed in there a while…and when we were done and came out there were 6 cars parked around the lot. SIX. Holy crap. Apparently this is a sweet deal, great location, etc. etc. etc.

I am just sick over it. Kingman’s work contract is up tomorrow, and he is meeting with the hospital admins on the 7th (they can’t seem to actually meet BEFORE the contract is due)…he is to nervous to put a contract in b/c there is always the chance the salary could go down. Not likely, but always a possibility. If we had to pull out of the contract do to that we would lose our retainer ($1000)…b/c theoretically even if they lowered his salary by a 10% I we still would be able to theoretically afford it, but for our fiscal comfort we wouldn’t. We like to travel a lot and really use a lot of money for all that each month. We don’t want our lifestyle to change a ton….that is the idea of choosing this house.


SO, I am SURE there is going to be a contract put on the house. It will not be us until Kingman gets his new contract. I totally would risk the 1000..but my husband won’t. Not to sound cocky, but we have it. After paying off all our debt- we have really been socking 1/3 of each paycheck into savings every two weeks……a thousand would hurt, but I could work extra for three weeks and have it back.

I just can’t push him into something he isn’t ready for, but I honestly don’t think he will ever be ready. There will always be something. He has never had to make a decision all on his own. He has never been responsible for a huge major financial choice. He has to weigh everything for weeks before making a decision. It is infuriating. All the good deals on houses around here go within 24-48 hours b/c most are overpriced STILL.

UGH. On the plus side I had a wonderful massage today. She is fellow fitness boot camper so I got 10 dollars off. 🙂 It was wonderful!!


5 responses to “Home buying stress.

  1. that sucks. for whatever it is worth, I'd risk the $1000 too.

    and I am so jealous of the awesome massage! glad it was so nice!

  2. Ugh…sorry about all the stress!!! That's no fun!!! Hoping things will fall into place!!!

    Good job on the massage thing…I've had a gift certificate for a massage for about a year now and haven't gone…just cuz I've never been…I'm a little nervous!! I think I may go now…with all this IVF stress…could be a good thing!

  3. First, I'm glad you had a nice, relaxing massage today. You deserve it!

    Second, I so hope that you and Kingman are able to come to a decision soon OR that his contract comes in really quickly and you can get the house of your dreams. Sending out positive thoughts into the universe for you!

  4. Well, I'm glad you managed to fit a massage in after all that! It's such a challenging situation, buying a house and making such big financial decisions. I hope that everything becomes clear (and less stressful) soon!

  5. A Few Good Sperm

    UGH, I'm sorry. I hate making these major life decisions. I say go for it though!

    (And yes, I make all the major decisoins in our house as well.)

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