Open Letter…

To the ASSHAT that emailed me to tell me that I sound like a pampered materialistic snob.


You must have a really unhappy life to send EMAILS like. I am not going to email back, rather I shall post some of your asshattiness on the Internet. I don’t see any blogs, and I can’t tell where you are from. BABIESFORMOMMALOVE.

My husband and I work hard for money we have saved. Yes- I work. I do not “sit at home blogging and wishing my life away for a baby”. HA HA HA.

Part of me thinks you are just a hack trying to yank my chain. Perhaps you have just do this for fun. All I can say is that it initially pissed me off….for about 5 seconds. Then I just had to laugh.

You stated that I am “obviously taking advantage of your husband”, and that I am a “money grubber”

Oh, if you only knew. My husband loves to spend money. I like to save. I don’t spend money. I buy my purses from wal-mart. Expensive clothes to me are TARGET clothes.

Get over your self righteousness and click the X in the upper right hand corner away from my blog.

On the other hand- go over to the Stirrup Queens and read this post. Get a reality check about what blogging is and what the blogging community is.

PS- YOU SUCK. I can say that- it is my blog. If you don’t like it- just bounce.

10 responses to “Open Letter…

  1. I often wonder where some of these people come from and why they feel the need to comment on blogs they dont like at all. A friend of mine had a post recently, where she was lamenting the death of her daugher, and an anonymous troll left her such a nasty and heartbreaking comment. I just dont get it.

  2. I am sorry that some asshole sent you that mail, people just dont get it. I know what it is to work hard and save, we got married last year and are buying a house now, we saved all of that money ourselves and paid for it ourselves. Ignore them, pleased it didnt piss you off too much!

  3. OMG ~ what a jerk!

    Don't worry, there are many of us dealing with the same kinds of $$ issues….it sucks to have to make choices for medical care based on what you can afford or taking a loan for an absorbant amount of $$.

    Sorry there are people who don't understand this b/s….(((HUGS)))

    p.s. new here, browsing today and found your story, looking forward to reading more 🙂

  4. Flying Monkeys

    Yikes! I'm sorry someone did that, that's kind of ballsy.

  5. Some people are so stupid and annoying! So they e-mail you telling you what they thing is "wrong" with you, what does that say about them?? life??!! Losers….

  6. Sorry for the idiot that felt a need to comment. Good luck with your journey.

    P.S. You have an award on my blog!

  7. They are just jealous because they don't have amazing writing talent like you. You have an award on my blog too.

  8. All I have to say to them is "what! ever!" What do these people do all day? Just sit around surfing the web for people to mock and criticize? Ugh.

    I'm so sorry that you even had to deal with this utter bull.

  9. WTF?!? What a Beeeeeeotch! Since when did hard work and frugality become "materialistic"? Gaaaa! And what a coward, to email you rather than post her skewed views. You are much nicer than me, that's all I'm sayin'…

  10. :0 (jaw dropping to the floor) Who do these people think they are? I had an anonymous commentor a while back and I just love how they can pick us apart yet not reveal who they are. Cowards.

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